Rogers releasing the Nokia X7 this Summer

Ian Hardy

June 20, 2011 11:17am

A new Nokia is coming to Canada soon… not a Windows Phone 7 but one that’s powered off the Symbian Anna OS. The Nokia X7 will be coming to Rogers this summer and it has a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display (resolution of 360 x 640), Wi-Fi, 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and records 720p HD videos. As usual, Nokia will pre-install Ovi Maps, have an 8GB memory card (holds up to 32GB) and a couple games too: Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD. No pricing has been revealed yet.

So Rogers Summer lineup is shaping up to be the X7, Pre 3, Infuse 4G and we hear that an HTC Android device is in the works too.

  • Sean

    Yeah i don’t see Rogers releasing an HTC device it would mean admitting they were wrong about them all along

    • hurricane_wolfy

      Silly question but what do you mean admitting they were wrong? Roger’s used to sell HTC devices

  • michael

    … nothing there I’m particularly interested in buying …

    • TomatoGuy

      4 inch screen with 360×640 resolution and fixed-focus camera, that’s pathetic. And I feel like Robbers will sell it at $500+ so this phone is a fail already. It’s better to pick up used Nokia N8 if you are into dying Symbian OS stuff.
      Nokia’s with WP7 are not too far off as well.

  • Kemist

    Nokia keeps surprising me. This phone should be a great buy just a bit curious about what they will set its price at. Hmmm.

  • caplin

    uugh! more symbian?

  • Justin Credible

    Go Rogers Go

    Wind Mobile Sucks.

  • Sub-Joker

    I wonder which HTC Device is coming to Rogers. From the high end phones, the only remaining ones are the Desire S and the Evo 3D. I really hope they don’t bring the Chacha or salsa phones to canada, they are just dumb.

    on second thoughts, the new HTC device might be the flyer. time will tell.

    • asdklfj

      desire s better come to telus / koodo!

    • Sub-Joker

      well, for me, as long as it reaches canada. coz most of the phones that I used are not rogers (even though I’m a Roger’s customer). Unlocking the phone is a piece of cake.
      so as long as it reaches canada my friend….

    • Daniel

      Maybe the HTC Kingdom? It should be out by the end of summer.

  • hurricane_wolfy

    No chance I would ever waste my money on a Nokia touchscreen phone again. Totally unreliable

  • Aryan

    I would like to see this on prepaid

  • Ger

    Looks very cool. Hope Rogers gets the Nokia E6 or E7 too.

  • Sunny

    Aesthetically, it looks nice. The bevel edges are different from your usual cookie cut brownie shaped phones. But no way can I touch it if it uses Symbian. What would be the point?

  • Sunny

    Rogers, please just fire someone and add some HTC phones like the Merge.

    Thank you!

  • Bri

    symbian is no competition to iOS/Android/WP7.

    I really don’t understand why they can’t do better.
    Look at the colours, designs, etc. It’s like looking at DOS or something….

  • hurricane_wolfy

    This may sound silly but what do you mean about Roger’s admitting they were wrong? When I worked for them (years ago) they carried HTC devices…

  • Justin Credible

    More proof that Wind Mobile sucks.

  • kris

    I hope to G-d that it will be an evo 3d that comes to rogers~
    I need to replace my dream :/