Rogers “Navigator for Android” app now available

John Connors

May 19, 2010 12:25pm

Rogers recently re-branded their Telenav app for the iPhone and called it “Rogers Navigator for iPhone”.  Now they’ve done the same for Android devices and called the GPS app “Rogers Navigator for Android”. The features are basically the same but with a shiny new name. With this app you’ll be able to get 2D or 3D maps, Real time traffic alerts, One touch reroute, search businesses, day and night modes, pre-plan trips.. and this will cost an extra $4.99 a month on top of your data plan. Check it out in the Android Market (Below is a description from the Rogers sales sheets)

  • Shawn Altorio

    I’ll pass and wait for Google Navigator to come to Canada. Rogers already gets too much of my money.

  • theninjasquad

    Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Google hasn’t brought free nav to Canada yet. The carriers want people to use their paid options.

  • Cybik

    Just get Brut’s modded Google Maps 4.2.0, it’s wayyyy better and free-er 🙂

  • jim

    Where do you get it?

  • Mathieu

    Who is paying a monthly bill for GPS service?
    You can get CoPilot Live for 30$ and it includes Canada+US+Mexico Maps and it’s working offline.

  • Bong Sniffer

    Brut’s kicks a*s…go F@#K ur self nominal monthly fee for inferior products….such an old paradigm…get on with the innovation already..

  • Steve

    This is pointless.. Use brut.all mod!! Free and works like a charm. Expecially the new version with the nav launcher !!