Confirmed: Bell getting Android Samsung Galaxy

John Connors

November 23, 2009 9:30am

belgalaxyposterA little confirmation is always a good thing… especially when it has to do with Samsung and Bell’s first Android device.

A poster now in Bell locations with the title “Innovation beyond your Imagination” has 3 devices on it: Samsung Galaxy with a nice Android logo, Omnia II and the Impact.

Both the Omnia II and Impact have already launched on Bell’s new HSPA network and we knew from the Reclaim launch that speculations were that the Galaxy was headed to Bell. A poster gives confirmation but a date is still in question. Max Karlin of Samsung Canada gave us a quick overview of the Galaxy which can be seen here. I didn’t put a watermark on the poster as it’s already a bit blurry but it states:

“The first Android device in the Bell line up – and the thinnest available in the market – Galaxy comes fully loaded with an array of multimedia features. The advanced 3.2″ AMOLED display provides unmatched luminescence and vivid eye catching colours, even in direct sunlight or at an angle. Android OS syncs e-mails, including Gmail, contact, calendar, and more in real time. Google apps and search offer intuitive entertainment and Galaxy always keeps the conversation going with Google Talk.”

  • theninjasquad

    Any idea when?

  • Lars

    One would think that Bell could have picked a better device than the Galaxy to debut android on their network.

    • Frank

      Doesn’t surprise me. Bell and Samsung have a good relationship

  • Shawny

    early 2010


    i called it ! lol
    even still bells got nothing that interests me…..

  • oggie

    yea. Bell has really dropped the ball on having anything interesting for phones.

    how about the droid? or the new SE android phone? even the hero.

    But no…. they get one of the worst android phones.