Bell Palm Pre in-store ad: “Order yours today”

John Connors

July 29, 2009 4:43pm

bell-palm-pre-instore-adHow long have we seen Bell’s website slapped with the “Coming Soon” for the Palm Pre – well almost 3 months now. A glimpse of hope has arrived and this could be launching shortly.

Bell will start promoting the Palm Pre with in-store advertising that unfortunately still says “Coming soon” but gives the customer, or potential customer, the option to pre-order. As you’ll see on the poster it says “Order yours today”. No details yet about specifics, official release dates, price plans… just the small step forward to put your name on a list.

Perhaps Bell is doing this to see what demand of the Pre will be like. According to the document we received last week said this launch is “the most important launch in Bell’s history”, and that “Bell will be the second carrier worldwide (after Sprint) to sell the Palm Pre, with exclusivity for 6 months.”

Who’s getting one, or two, or three? Or none?

  • St. John's

    Too late… I've been waiting FOREVER for this phone and I just got sick of waiting and signed a contract with Telus.

  • Rich

    I was drooling over this phone for awhile, but I think the hype train has left the station.

    Additionally, with virtually every review griping about hardware quality, it's hard to put faith in it.

    Naturally, it's also likely it won't have any HSPA frequencies either. Too many nails in the coffin.

  • Dave

    The website still hasn't changed and there's no listing for the pre in the upgrade your phone section.

  • JerZa

    I'm ready…..! Where do I sign?


    i think i'v given up aswell.. but with all tha hardware complaints from sprint users.. and no expandable memory.. yea i wont buy one.. will have to see and maybe test it first tho…. iv wanted tha TP2 since it was first leaked, and now even more so.. but i Do Not want telus… consistering tha switch, but will wait as bell should launch it to..i hope

  • Jerome W.

    Nah, the hype and novelty of the Pre has come and gone swiftly, that combined with the poor hardware reviews is not enough for me to commit!

  • Jesse

    Is this going to be an in-store only thing? Is there no way to sign up online?

    When does this start?

  • Eric

    I want one, and if bell had them when they first came out, I would of got one. But now I want to wait till Globalive comes out to think about re upping with bell.

  • David Fix

    Where did you see this sign? I wanna pre-order! 😀

  • Jay Moonah from Wild Apricot

    Asked the woman at the Bell store near Union Station in Toronto about this less than an hour ago, she had no idea that this had started anywhere with Bell, and she had no updated information on availability.

  • dutch

    I have to agree with pretty much every one else. I was all in for a new pre …. 3 months ago. Now not so much. Unfortunately I'm stuck with bell so the pre may be the only option until bell gets the new network up and running then its helllllooo iphone…I hope!