Bell to release Palm Pre by months end?


June 10, 2009 7:42am

palm-pre-bell-releaseHere is a nice way to get your day started. The Palm Pre will be one of the most desirable devices this summer, so will the new Apple iPhone 3Gs and the upcoming BlackBerry devices.

Regarding the Palm Pre, I got curious this morning and had a lovely online chat with Bell’s Live chat service. For this agents job security (because you just never know) we’ve blocked out his/her name. During our conversation the representative stated twice that the Palm Pre “will come within this month end.” and “We do not have an exact date. We will receive it shortly... It will be released within this month for sure”. So this means we’ll have the Bell Palm Pre launched by the end of June!

Please know this is just a rumour for now, not confirmed. Some will say that it’s just a online agent, but the communication has to start somewhere. No pricing was revealed and it does make sense that Bell will take advantage of the Summer to launch this device. Also we are reaching out to get further confirmation and will follow up shortly.

(Click here on the image to read the entire conversation)

  • Nathan

    I once had an agent try and convince me that GSM phones don't have SIM cards and that when Bell moves to HSDPA their phones won't have SIM cards either. Yeah.

  • Jermaine Dupri

    Humm.. I don't think that guy knew what he was talking about… I tried the same thing (lol), and they did not have a concrete answer, it seemed as if she was scared to even talk about it.. From my understanding, you can expect the PRE with Bell by latest in September, Telus to follow once they've ALSO met certain requirements! ;)(Centro, Pro, PRE!)

  • blueadept1

    I question the reliability of this. I attempted to chat with them on their website, and the chat feature was unavailable for Mobility. Thus, this must be a rep from a different product – I doubt that they know that much about different product categories.

  • Jonathan

    I talked to the Bell Store guys today and they expect Bell to sell the Pre in the next 3-4 weeks. This is based off Sprint's 30 day exclusivity expiring by then.