Virgin launching Galaxy S II on July 14th, employees given the chance to win one


  • Alex Perrier

    What about us other people?

  • mike.r

    Dumb Rogers still on the side lines

  • sean

    Alex for us other people e buy the phone and unlock it our wait for a mobilesyrup contest and hope we we win it

  • Jerry

    I wonder if Rogers is on the sidelines because they are releasing the buttonless version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. I wouldn’t mind if it just had the capacitive buttons at the bottom. As long as Rogers gets it, otherwise I am going to cancel and move carriers. Has Telus confirmed the GS2?

    • Sean

      Nope and the version they are releasing the infuse is not a galaxy it is actually a galaxy s 1 variant with a slightly larger screen where has dual core and sexy upgrades people want

  • cybik

    FINALLY a price point for the GSII.

    Still buying it.

  • Hmm

    Too expensive

  • stephan

    pumped, was almost tempted to grab the sensation until more info on the sgs2 popped off, but these passed few days of sgs2 info have been awesome!

  • Sean

    Gahhh my keyboards been messed up this is what i meant

    “Nope no other carriers and the version rogers is releasing the infuse is not a galaxy s II it is actually a galaxy s variant with a slightly larger screen and a slightly better processor but the Galaxy s II has dual core and sexy upgrades people want”

    We really need an edit button =/

  • Mel Salas


  • anon

    A better story is how Bell decided to drop Blackberry as their phone and is giving all Bell and Virgin Store Managers a new HTC Sensation.

    • Charles

      Interesting! is this another sign that RIM continues to slide down? or is it because Bell got a good deal on the Sensation?
      And why a Sensation rather than a GS2?

    • JIMBO

      The only reason Bell dropped RIM is because they are now in a partnership with HTC. Therefore it makes sence to have the sensation as a device for managers instead of a 9700. Plus Bell was paying out 10 bucks for every Blackberry sold which HTC doesn’t ask for.

  • Dan

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Samsung “spiff” and not a Virgin one. I use to work as a distributor for Samsung and their incentive programs were great – made me a lot of money at the time.

  • Anono

    Meanwhile has Rogers even mentioned when their infuse is coming, even though no one cares… Time to move on to Bell me thinks.

  • grimconch

    Very nice, SRP is predictable of course but I think they could’ve easily started much higher for 3 year pricing. Makes the iPhone price even more of a joke than it already is.

  • sm

    So should us Rogers users buy and unlock the Bell/Virgin phone? or order now from the UK? or wait for Rogers to get it?

  • luke80

    Will telus be carrying it??

  • dan

    I’ve heard that bell has an exclusive contract with samsung for the galaxy S II

  • khota

    Good old Canada again left behind :-(.
    This phone was released in the Middle Eastern market last weekend.

  • anon

    Virgin Managers had 9100s. And Rogers also dropped RIM, it’s not just Bell.

  • Dave

    Still waiting on the “Special Bonus Offer” that Virgin is suppose to give us… Anyone know how close to release date they will email us?