Nokia announces JBL PlayUp Wireless Bluetooth Speaker line to “complement our current and future Lumia smartphones”

Daniel Bader

August 29, 2012 7:37pm

Nokia has announced, just a week shy of its big September 5th announcement, a line of wireless Bluetooth speakers to “complement our current and future Lumia smartphones.” The design is similar to last year’s Play 360° speaker, but the outside has been made much more durable with enhanced double-shot plastic.

The key ingredients in the PlayUp are two-fold: an overhauled speaker mechanism with independent bass port for deep sound and clear mids. The maximum sound output is 89dB, not a huge number by today’s standards but sufficient for a picnic or BBQ.

PlayUp also has NFC capabilities to quickly pair the speaker with next-generation Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices. Once the pairing has been established, all communication is done over Bluetooth, and the speaker will be configurable through a special PlayUp app available in the Windows Phone Store. If not using a Bluetooth-enabled device, there’s a 3.5mm input and an included cord.

The PlayUp speaker measures 118 x 118 x 128mm, and is 760g, so this is no tiny thing. Nokia promises it will ship by the end of the year for around $200CDN. We’ll be sure to bring you a preview of the JBL PlayUp speaker when we come to you from the special Nokia launch of their next-generation Windows Phone 8 products next week in New York City.

Source: Nokia Conversations

  • Dylan D

    If nokia and JBL do a partnership with their next phones and acessories. I’m in 100%.

    While these speakers seems small I bet they put out great sound. I have a full size JBL dock at home, and it fills the house with amazing sound.

  • isdfoa

    before seeing the headline i honestly thought this was a trash can/

  • candy287


  • Cell Hell

    I have a Foxl and I’m not quite sold on it being worth the money. There’s only so much that can be done with a tiny speaker housing, the laws of physics still apply so this is more form than function.

  • EvanKr

    So that pretty much confirms a yellow Lumia, no?

    • stylinred

      there are already are yellow lumias (710 comes with a yellow back variant)

  • TP

    designed by IKEA?

  • stylinred

    the play360 lasts 2X longer than these JBLs (20hrs vs 10) and it weighs less

    would depend on the price and sq but so far it would seem the play360 is still the better choice

  • blackprince

    Where the hell can I buy a Play 360 in Canada?