Update: Motorola Atrix 2 gets leaked, could be Canada bound

Daniel Bader

September 20, 2011 2:23pm

Update: According to their sources, the Atrix 2 will not be LTE-capable despite previous hints as to the otherwise. Sorry for the confusion!

We know that Rogers and Bell are in the process of rolling out Canada-wide LTE networks to satiate the millions of data-hungry mobile users across the nation. We also know that Rogers (but not Bell) is releasing an LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy S II later this year.

Now screenshots have leaked of an upcoming refresh to the Atrix, which internally at Motorola is going by the codename Edison, on the way to AT&T. The good news is that AT&T’s upcoming LTE network is using the same AWS spectrum as our carriers’, with a view to the upcoming 700Mhz spectrum, too, when it’s auctioned off next year.

Other specs include a 1.2-1.5Ghz dual-core chip, most likely powered by Texas Instrument’s OMAP SoC, an 8MP camera capable of 1080p video, and the newest version of Android (though Ice Cream Sandwich has not been confirmed). The screen also looks to be a shoe-in for the original’s qHD 960×540 pixel resolution, though with a slightly larger 4.3″ or 4.5″ screen.

Considering the Atrix was Bell’s first superphone, and is still a pretty beefy machine, the sequel will have some pretty high expectations. Hopefully they can improve the PenTile screen and smooth out the rough interface edges, and keep decent battery life, and they’ve got a surefire hit on their hands. One more pic after the break.

Source: BGR

  • Malevolent

    Hopefully Motorola has learned some lessons. The Atrix got everyone hyped but sure left a bad taste in a lot of users mouths.

    • Tawny R

      That is rude!

  • Desi

    Are you sure this phone will be LTE equipped? “The Motorola ATRIX 2 will not be an LTE device according to our source”. That’s the information on BGR’s website.

  • Siktar


  • Joseph Gubbels

    This went through the FCC and had no LTE radio, and that is not ATT’s LTE icon in the status bar, it’s the HSPA+ “faux-G” icon. It appears at the moment that this phone will not, sadly have LTE.

  • Stuntman

    I guess they scrapped the dock. I thought it was a cool idea, but I think the phone just isn’t powerful enough to make it usable enough compared to a netbook.

  • TheTigerTek

    I’m never buying another Motorola phone.. atleast until Google starts making the phones. I had to change my Atrix 3 times. Spent months without my phone.

  • monsterduc1000

    I agree with tigertek. I am done with motorola. I have had two of there phones crap out on me. Let’s see how my nexus s does though…

  • andrew prunelli

    ppi still lower than iphone 4….. question though, is a 720 p hd screen higher res than than the iphone 4? also, what is the ppi of a 720 p hd phone? thumbs up to best answer

  • Jody

    Have had my Atrix for a few months now and no problems at all. I love it, even compared to the iPhone 4 I ditched to go to the Atrix

  • Studystand

    I love my Atrix but I don’t think Motorola’s keeping me as a customer, Samsung has been on top of their game. Definitely loved the HDMI out on the Atrix though. It’s an awesome feature if you have any of the accessories or a custom ROM. The bad thing about the Atrix is that the development is pretty dead in comparison to some other phones.

    • mctoad

      Have you been to xda lately? Atrix development is booming. Cyanogenmod beta has just been release and is fantastic, as are many of the other roms available. Much has changed since the bootloader has been unlocked.

  • willy wonka

    after the XT720 fiasco no more MOTOROLA !!! shameful company

  • just another guy

    Once the merger goes thought, moto-blur, which is the problem will be dropped.

    CM7 is going on my Atrix as soon as it’s finished. I wont get another phone until quad core. Unless it dies.