Mozilla and EverythingMe preview Firefox Launcher for Android

Daniel Bader

February 6, 2014 11:21am

Mozilla and EverythingMe are teaming up to release a way to make your Android device that much easier to use. The two companies are collaborating on Firefox Launcher, which uses EverythingMe’s recently-released context-friendly Android launcher, along with a bit of Firefox’s branding, to help you discover new apps, and make existing ones more useful.


Unlike launchers like Aviate, which was recently purchased by Yahoo, EverythingMe resembles your average Android homescreen, with folders, room for widgets and an app drawer. But EverythingMe has a dynamic prediction bar that changes depending on the time of day and where you are — if you’re at work, for example, you may see an email app pop up — and something called Smart Folders, which uses an accumulation of data from other users (anonymously) to intelligently place apps into categorized folders. So when you get a new phone and download a bunch of apps, EverythingMe will group them all into the right place. Of course, to earn revenue, they suggest other apps below the list you already have, but that’s how EverythingMe stays free.

Firefox Launcher is going to be powered by EverythingMe, though it’s unclear whether it will override the startup’s branding entirely. Mozilla says that they are “working together to deliver the best mobile Web experience to people everywhere – regardless of location, platform or device,” which means that they’re likely looking to employ something similar on its own Firefox OS.

  • alphs22

    I could see this being frustrating if you do something or go somewhere outside of your normal routine.

  • TomsDisqusted

    Maybe they will work with OEM’s to release ‘Firefox phones’ based on this launcher, as a complement (or replacement?) to their Firefox OS initiative?

  • FunkyMonkey

    Can someone explain to me why companies like FireFox care to create a launcher?
    It makes sense for Facebook, so that the service is used more = revenue, makes sense for Nova launcher u buy full version profit. In FireFox’s case it just seems like an extra undertaking they need to be supporting…

    • alphs22

      Right from the article: “Of course, to earn revenue, they suggest other apps below the list you already have, but that’s how EverythingMe stays free”

  • Ash

    If everyone focused on what they do best, this world would be a better place.

  • Brian Klippel

    Like a bad Helen Keller joke.