Google likely to release standalone camera app for all Android devices

Daniel Bader

April 2, 2014 8:58am

Google is planning to release a standalone camera app to the Play Store intended for all Android devices, according to sources close to Engadget. The company has been rumoured to be overhauling its camera experience for months, especially after proof that the stock Nexus camera inaccurately crops photos in the viewfinder.

The Nexus 5 was accused of having poor camera performance when it debuted in November, and was quickly updated to version 4.4.2 with improvements to focus time and overall photo quality. That said, it didn’t fix all of the issues, and the Nexus 5 is still considered to have a pretty mediocre camera.

The new app is rumoured to sport artificial background defocusing, much like the Galaxy S5, as well as improved portrait effects and other features. Google also plans to improve Photosphere and panorama, modes that have gone unloved since their debuts in 2012.

Google has slowly been releasing standalone apps to the Play Store, making it easy for them to update individual components independent of Android version of skin. Most recently, the company released a Google Now launcher for compatible Nexus devices running KitKat.

It’s not clear when the standalone camera app will hit the Play Store, but there’s a good chance it will be near or around Google I/O in June.

  • Hungrier

    “The new app is rumoured to sport artificial background defocusing, much like the Galaxy S5, as well as improved portrait effects and other features.”

    Just what I’ve always wanted, Instagram crap in my default camera.

    • LeTricolore

      Thing is, a lot of people DO want that. I’m sure you could easily just disable/not use them though.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Are you dumb? If you don’t want the additional features, don’t download it.

    • TrainAss

      Hey now, none of that logic here. @hungrier:disqus has every right to be outraged for no reason and ignore the fact that if he doesn’t like something, he can just skip it!

  • yermum

    Get yourself a copy of the latest snap camera app from the play store. It takes photography options to a whole new level with the n5, and produces awesome shots to boot! I think they have a free version too that’s just missing some of the advanced features. Its totally worth checking out if you’re an n5 owner.

  • naviz

    I’ve managed to take amazing photos with my Nexus 5. I took one yesterday morning I would compare to match 90% of the quality of my 1000D with a 1.8 55mm II lens from a few years back. Megapixel count is not an indicator of quality…

    • wahwah

      So true. I too have taken many a photos with my n5 and even printed out on 8.5×11 looked great. So great in fact family wondered what new camera I had purchased as they wanted the same.

    • Craig Pakkala

      I’m not sure what all the bitching about camera quality on the N5 is about. I agree with Naviz, it takes amazing pictures … especially in HDR mode.

  • blzd

    This is the new camera software that was supposed to launch with Kit Kat but was delayed. Should be a huge improvement especially for Nexus 5 users.

  • ciph3ro

    Hopefully it will be improved. The one we have now is so basic. It mostly takes good photos but it needs some updating and polish.

    The NExus 5 does take some amazing photos every now and then so I’m hoping the new camera will bring it to the next level. It’s easy to tell that it’s a software limitation.

  • ciph3ro

    My Kit Kat camera works fine and it’s very fast on the N5.

  • PeterC

    You can already get the “nexus” camera app with photosphere by sideloading the apk.