BlackBerry in talks to make BBM a payment platform

Daniel Bader

February 25, 2014 2:15pm

BlackBerry has had a busy day, with CEO John Chen introducing two new phones, announcing a new unified BES platform, and introducing eBBM, a suite of enterprise-ready messaging tools.

But the company isn’t finished with its nuggets of news. In an interview with Re/code, BlackBerry’s head of enterprise, John Sims, said the BBM team is working with potential partners to add money transfer and payment options to BBM.

Money transfer is a key faculty of mobile phones in the developing world, as many banking customers don’t have access to in-person or online payment resources. With a large chunk of BBM’s usage share in Asian and African countries, BlackBerry means to position its messaging platform as a single destination for all peer-to-peer endeavours. They are already testing BBM Money, a pilot payment project, in Indonesia, though only with a single banking partner.

Sims also said that daily registration rates are up 40% since BlackBerry added Gingerbread support to BBM for Android, indicating that a large number of its user base is still on the aging version of Android.

  • Dimitri

    With Chen as the CEO, Blackberry is going to the heights it should have been at with the old CEO’s if they cared enough like Chen does.. This shows the Chen & his team want Blackberry to succeed & are doing anything & everything to do so. Announced the Z3 & Q20. Now this. I see great times & great future for Blackberry!.

    Say what you want, but Chen & his team are the team Blackberry should have had & will make Blackberry the company it should be! I have faith in them.

    • lysk711


    • Dimitri

      Yes that is correct!.

    • Dimitri

      Yes that is correct!.

    • Ren596

      BUT They are going to have to Do More Than the Q 20
      The Q20 is Mostly for Legacy users that have Not Made the Jump tp BB10

  • deltatux

    I think with these latest announcements, I’m afraid for BBM becoming too bloated and sidetracks from it being a messaging platform. It is the reason why WhatsApp was so successful (also due to BBM’s decline as well). Bloating is never good and I think BlackBerry will ruin BBM if they keep adding bloat.

    • Dimitri

      I do see where your coming from with the bloat BUT They aren’t adding bloat at all. They are making the app the way it should have been in the start. BBM is mostly used by companies communicating with their employees & such. This is a great way to send money back & forth as BBM is more secure & all.

    • deltatux

      While that may be true, it does impact the speed and simplicity of the app. There’s a certain point where simplicity and speed needs to be addressed especially on 3rd party platforms. While the eBBM suite is a great addition, I know that stickers are definitely not one of them. Mobile payments can be proven useful but it really depends on how they implement it. I still do fear of an overbloated BBM if they keep adding features.

    • Dimitri

      The E-stickers are made for the kids when using BBM. ( many kids uses the Curve / bold & such). So i do see why they brought that out. As for the EBBM suite ( money transferring). This is something that will be new to any messaging app. WhatsApp, iMessanger & the rest can not do this. Also by this being useless, you won’t need your back to transfer money to your family member or friend or coworker. Bloat will be not much on the device as we already seen.

    • kr_metal

      BBM is becoming more than an enterprise focused messaging service. It has to if BlackBerry and BBM want to survive. They’re now aiming for the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, etc. and adding payment to it could be quite interesting.

    • Mike t


  • Striker67

    I like where BB is heading. I went from BB to Apple to Android. I think under this leadership it may be time to seriously consider coming back to BB.

    • Dimitri

      I have heard many say the same thing if BB / Chen & his team can bring Blackberry to what it was supposed to be. I use the Note 3 & Z30 & see how Blackberry is changing. Their getting better each month & by next year, most likely if not all their devices will be onpar with the Androids & such. No need for gimmicks like Apple & Samsung uses. True device it should be. Haters will be haters but they can not build a OS / Hardware / Sell the device & not have any debt & have billions in their pockets to play around with.

  • Dimitri

    I really wonder why you are posting & calling people “r*****s” Do you now have anything better to do?

    So by your means calling those people ” Retards” The same thing could be said about the ones on WhatsApp, iMessanger, Kik, Snapchat & others? Use your brain & stop being a troll.

  • thisiscjay

    Lots of opportunity with BBM. Very exciting times!

  • midnightdoom

    I’m really liking john chens leadership, as nfc type payment gets more popular it’s good to know somebody I trust might have a secure option