Google brings Play Movies app to iOS

Daniel Bader

January 15, 2014 4:58pm

Google has brought its Play Movies portal to iOS just two months after it introduced Play Music on the platform.

Unlike that app, though, Play Movies is available in Canada, and works with existing content purchased (or obtained) via the web or Android. The app adheres to Google’s traditional flat, Cards-based design guidelines, but appears to be a bit less of an Android port than Play Music; the UI navigates smoothly without hiccups.

Users can’t actually purchase content on the iPhone or iPad, but streaming works just fine — as long as you’re on WiFi. It’s not yet possible to cache content for offline use, either, so the app only works in a very small number of environments.

Canadians don’t have access to TV content on the Google Play Store, but if Google does bring it to Canada, the app will support it out of the box.

As it stands, this is one of the barest apps Google has released on iOS, but should satiate users who built up a streaming movie collection on Android or the web.

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    The only google apps that is left is google calendar and android device manager