New photos of supposed Nexus 5 get added to FCC documents

Daniel Bader

September 12, 2013 11:31am

We’ve seen glimpses of a device that resembles a next-generation Nexus — it even has the eponymous logo on the back — in a Google promo video, and today we see a similar product added to the FCC documents of the Verizon LG G2. Strange, we know.

As seen in screen captures from the promo vid, the Next Nexus looks to have a much larger camera lens than the Nexus 4, but retains its rounded corners and unadorned front. One of the biggest changes is a move away from a glass back, as pretty as it was, in favour of a rubbery polycarbonate that should be a lot more durable.

It’s unclear from the photo what size the screen is, but we’ve been lead to believe Google has opted for a 5-inch 1080p display, slightly smaller than the upcoming LG G2.

Update: Looks like there’s either a fingerprint scanner or an IR blaster on the top/back of the phone. Unclear whether that’s part of a prototype or finished product. We’re leaning towards the former, since it’s pretty unsightly.

  • MatroXX

    I wonder what that square void on the back top centre is.

    • Xoroe


    • jorvay


    • J-Ro

      So we should expect blazing LTE speeds. LG has changed everything, again.

    • Zee

      Heat exhaust vent to keep that blazing speed from melting the phone. 😉

    • Humberto Giambrone


    • J-Ro

      Finger print scanner maybe?

    • p_lindsay

      I’m gonna go with either ir blaster or flux capacitor.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      Flux capacitor! YES! So much better than lasers!

    • Super_Deluxe

      A hologram projector!

    • Jonathan

      IR blaster

    • LoadErRor

      That was my first thought too.

    • MatroXX

      You would think it would be blended into the form, or hidden somewhere other than prominently right in the middle, but hey it’s a prototype.

    • Unorthodox

      I say it’s a stylus.

    • JV

      Fingerprint reader

  • Bri

    Lg then huh?

  • beyond

    What DSLR is that in the reflection?

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I think he meant what model of Olympus.

  • Amparipaa

    oh god… i can only imagine how much money google loses from this one. but hey, LG will just sell it at slightly higher than cost-of-manufacture, and make a “selfish profit” (cuz hey, all companies should be forced to lose money for the sake of the greater good)

    mobilesyrup users hate profit, mobilesyrup users are communists. ta-dah!

    • wes

      not hating profits, hate getting gouged. big diff.

      Question for you. How come top ranged phones can be sold elsewhere for less than 300$ and here we are paying 600-700$ for similar speced phones?

      Until you realize how much it actually costs to make a cellphone, I would withhold any comment if i were you. Oh then again, you prob think more expensive means a superior product…. so there’s no helping you.

    • Dimitri

      You mean Europe, Asia & China not USA. USA prices the phones the same way Canadian carriers do if you have not noticed yet…

      As for the rest, i do agree with you on the comment.

    • wes

      Elsewhere = mostly asia 🙂

    • Dimitri

      Ahh okay, just wanted to make it clear as others think that the US will be included 😛

    • Amparipaa

      lol, those asian phones are made by no-name OEMs with shoddy-quality building, or are sold at a major loss (the xiaomi Mi2 cost $370 to make, and was sold for $300, so they lost $70 per phone… then add marketing, packaging, distribution, etc… and you can clearly see why they’d need to sell it for at least $425 just to break even)….

      go ahead, move to china you communist. oh wait, high-end phones are even more expensive in china than in the west!

    • Amparipaa

      come to think of it… how does xiaomi even survive? oh wait, from donations. government funding, and i’m betting an arabic prince or two might have been involved.

    • J-Ro

      So their company being valued at 10 B USD and a Google exec leaving Google to work for them was all a lie?

      I am glad you straightened that up!

    • Amparipaa

      okay, the valuing at 10B must have been deliberately inflated, or that’s all capital and zero revenue, as xiaomi makes no revenue off phone sales, thus they probably needed the charity of a few nigerian princes, saudi oil princes, etc. to fund the operation…

    • J-Ro

      They sell their phones for around $400 to $500. Most phones barely cost over $200 to make. Plus, they don’t have to pay importing or duties. On top of all that, they are one of the top three manufactures in China which has the most dense populous. There is a reason Apple wants piece of that pie.

    • wes

      No way xiaomi cost that much to make. An iPhone 5 only costs slightly over 200$

    • Amparipaa

      the iphone 5 has huge supply to work with, thus they can source parts cheaper, unlike xiaomi who doesn’t have the luxury of mass-quantities-of-scale, along with (at the time, brand new and hot on the market) parts like the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB RAM, and pretty much the same specs as the LG Optimus G, but released before then and without the buying power of LG, hence why the Mi2 cost $370 to manufacture each device. now whether Xiaomi was gambling on being able to produce the phones at a far lower pricepoint or if a few Saudi oil princes had oil money burning in their pockets is beyond me.

    • J-Ro

      He has no idea what MSRP is. It varies depending on the market. No company operates on a lose and LG wouldn’t try to screw Google. That is like biting the hand that feeds you.

    • Amparipaa

      i know what MSRP is… its what they think most people will buy it for versus what’ll bring in the most money. cost-of-manufacture is different. and besides, i know google is paying LG the cost of manufacture + probably a few bed favors for the nexus phones… but what if LG decided to do economic suicide and tried selling everything at a price they couldn’t even break even at?

    • J-Ro

      LG wouldn’t do that. LG is likely using the nexus line up to promote their own devices. Even though it is a form of marketing, I doubt they would be stupid enough to give it away at cost.

    • Amparipaa

      this just in: mobilesyrup users call the nexus 4 only “decent” and the price merely “reasonable”…. for even $350, it’s a steal! well, google will just use the nexus owners as pawns in the android arms race.

    • J-Ro

      Lol race? they already won. And originally the Nexus devices were supposed to be for developers. They caught on with everyone else because of the price.

    • Amparipaa

      yeah, they won… and they’re still running a country mile a second… i fear it’ll be like windows vista all over again. they should really focus on making android use less resources (which should also improve battery life) since every new version seems to require faster and faster hardware (yes, that is like iOS unfortunately). which came first, heavier hardware requirements, or manufacturers wanting the absolute highest-end components (even if they were positioned for tablets or ARM PCs, like the quad-core S4 Pro when it first launched).

      …you know, the developer thing explains the nexus pricing… it’s obvious they’d give developers discounted hardware under the illusion of a threat from apple.

    • J-Ro

      The pricing is a good way to make sure apps are optimized for the Android experience.

      The spec races seems to be the latest craze for consumers more than manufacturers. The Moto X, iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10 and numerous WP devices prove that you don’t need all that much power to get a good experience. It is more bragging rights for us consumers when we whip em out and show off.

      4.4 (KitKat) should also further disprove that theory.

    • S2556

      Or maybe it’s that hardware has come leaps and bounds in the last 5 years. “which came first, heavier hardware requirements, or manufacturers wanting the absolute highest-end components” Well manufacturers obv will go for the latest and greatest as it was (probably still is) the fastest moving technology for a bit there so if you weren’t running the best then you would lose lots sales to the company that was. (and you could actually feel a huge difference between each upgrade; a .5ghz single core versus a 1ghz single core vs 1 ghz dual core all huge jumps in performance. With more powerful devices came more robust features (on most platforms) and opened up the way to the beautiful software innovation called ice cream sandwhich. We went through the same thing with PCs (except the smartphone market is bigger and people upgrade more often) and eventually they started getting so good that it starts to matter less and less. This is where we are approaching with smartphones. However I still think there is lots of room for these devices to expand further. Possibly into PC equivalence of hardware. Maybe then we can just dock our phones on a display, boom, full computer. May just be wishful thinking. Though, we aren’t far off; you can already do it on some platforms but isn’t implemented quite conveniently.

    • Amparipaa

      only top-of-the-line nexus phones are sold for $300… or the xiaomi phones. but xiaomi’s going down the tubes as they know selling phones below-cost is unsustainable.

      all other high-end phones cost $500 minimum. and i mean worldwide, not just in some countries

    • Ash

      That’s not the cost of making a high end phone though. That’s the point Google’s trying to prove here with the nexus line. iphones cost $226 to manufacture + around $120 for operating costs and a wholesale to retail markup. They make a 100% profit on their products at the price they sell it at. Google is focused on manufacturing + operating costs(R&D, etc), and eliminating the wholesale to retail markup, thereby bringing the complete manufacturing and delivery cost (cost from building to getting it directly to a customer) to around $290, thereby giving them a marginal profit of $60 per 16gb/32gb phone (more for the 32gb if they release it) they sell. Imagine a 100,000 nexus phones sold at a $60 profit. That’s a good profit return for a company whose primary revenue stream is not hardware!

    • Amparipaa

      aren’t nexus phones sold for less than $350 through google… your thinking of the LG sales channel. you know, how robellus and new entrant customers buy their phones.

    • Ash

      Nexus 4 costs google about $230 to make and deliver it to customers. The recent price drop from 350 for 16gb to 299 was to get rid of inventory. Profit made regardless. The ideal price for any phone is $350 for a 16gb model. Just makes sense price wise. But in the capitalistic world that we live in (and we, the consumers share a lot of the blame), major OEMs and Tech giants impose their price on the final retail price to drive profits, margins and happy investors. Same analogy from the motoring world. Would you pay $90k for a car thats as fast and technologically advanced as a $250k “supercar” just for a brand name? Value for money argument. I mean, to each their own. It’s just the world we live in.

    • Tom

      In Europe and Asia the (launch) prices at least for popular brands are actually considerably more expensive than in Canada… the iPhone launched at nearly $1000 in Singapore for example. Europe and Asia have cheaper contracts and monthly plans, yes, but outright device cost is almost always much higher.

      If you wait a year after release, the outright device cost CAN be lower in Europe/Asia, but not by much.

      Ironically, the poorer Asian countries with large populations such as India and China and Indonesia actually price things like these higher than Canada does, mostly because the people who aren’t poor in those countries are filthy rich and crave status 😉

    • wes

      Yes, I agree with the fact that popular brands might be much higher (I’ve seen that myself), but they also have many cheaper brands too. I guess the best examples are India and China. Although you might say that the quality on their phones are inferior, I beg to differ. That’s why we are seeing them sold by Canadian cellphone companies.

    • TouchMyBox

      Are you suggesting that consumers are looking out for what’s best for consumers?

      What greedy assholes! Won’t someone please think of the multi-national corporations?

    • Amparipaa


    • Amparipaa

      communism is evil! it is evil! it is evil! it goes against the morals of the west! it’s evil eastern theology!

    • Humberto Giambrone

      I knew a communist once. Nice guy actually.

    • Amparipaa

      was his name kim jong il?

    • J-Ro

      No one knows what it is. Everyone just fears the unknown.

  • JTrip

    I don’t see a speaker on the back. I’d rather have it on the front.

    • MatroXX

      Yes, this is a good thing.

    • Kevin Chen

      I dont see it on the front either LOL. it seems like it’ll be on the bottom or sides…

  • William Worlde


    For a square like me, I particularly like the “blockiness” of this design with only subtle curves.

    Since this is all a mockup, I can only hope that that squarish opening at the top is for testing or distraction purposes only (you know, like how they “wallpaper” new car models now).
    Otherwise, me like.

  • Ryan

    Mmmmm, Nexus

  • Kevin Chen

    Was hoping it to be 4.4″ – 4.7″. they are perfect sizes. 5″ in the pocket is way to bulky

    • Ryan

      think you set yourself up for a joke there

    • jorvay

      I’m sure it’s just because Kevin here doesn’t have any room to spare…

      Anyway, I agree. I’d rather have a smaller bezel result in a smaller phone than a larger screen. My GNex is as big as I would ever want and I find my wife’s N4 to be a bit too bulky for one-hand use.

  • OMFCody

    I’m getting less excited about this as new leaks come out.. Is it just me?

    • Ibrahim Elmi

      its only you and your sunglasses , you ain’t the terminator fool

  • p_lindsay

    Is that a cut out for an ir blaster on the back above the camera? That would be awesome.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Square hole = fingerprint reader?
    Funny how yesterday Apple forgot to mention the OG Atrix had the first fingerprint biometric reader so old news Apple old news.

    • Andrew_notPorC

      And the iFans will heap opprobrium on any Android phones that are released with fingerprint scanners.

  • Rich

    Looks like a*s, but I assume that’s unpolished and a prototype.

    • Ibrahim Elmi

      never seen an a*s like that before

  • Jake M

    Top left camera or middle camera? And could that be a LED for notifications, hope so.

  • Ben

    Could the camera lens (if that’s what it is, upper left corner) be so large/bulky/ugly because there is an actual optical zoom on the phone? That could be interesting …COULD being the key word here.

  • jonnny

    ir blaster would be awesome. fingerprint scanner would be useless.

  • Jacob Bishop

    Nooo not 5 inches. 4.7 is perfect.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      Keep in mind, the phone itself will have smaller dimensions, even thought the screen is larger, so if it’s the phone dimensions you are worried about, no need to worry. If you just legitimately don’t like having a larger screen, then resume your worrying.

    • Ibrahim Elmi

      you don’t have to explain it to him, he needs to learn how to adapt.

    • Ibrahim Elmi