LG Optimus G2 rumoured to be announced at CES

Ian Hardy

January 3, 2013 7:40am

At CES 2012 LG was incredibly quiet. They only showcased devices that were already announced and let the world wait until Mobile World Congress for their big flagship unveilings. LG is already rumoured to be coming out with a follow-up to the Optimus G called the Optimus G2. This power house Android reportedly has a screen size between 5 to 5.5-inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (440 ppi), LTE-enabled and has a 2 GHz quad-core processor. Previous overseas report indicated that LG will announce this within 6 months, but thanks to DigiTimes they state that “South Korea-based LG Electronics plans to showcase the Optimus G2 Android smartphone, with a 5.5-inch screen, and Qualcomm quad-core S4 Prime MSM8974.”

Seems really quick to have a follow-up device. The Optimus G was launched in August for Korean markets and released in Canada this past November. If the above story is true then it would be a five-month life for a current handset. Seems a bit too early to put something to rest.

Source: DigiTimes
Via: AndroidAuthority

  • some guy

    Now just make it nicer to hold.
    The G is a fantastic device, but it’s not nice to hold on to…
    While the S3 is a very slick & plastic exterior, the shape is much nicer.

    To each his own, however.


      screen size between 5 to 5.5-inches




    • it sucks

      i have the optimus g and i very much DISLIKE IT!!!

      D.I.S.L.I.K.E!!! i cant stress that enough. i HATE, H.A.T.E it!!!

  • Sean

    You would think they wouldn’t want to name it the G2 as a lot of people have negative feelings to the G2X

  • Peters~

    LG need to do something serious about the overheating issue with their cell phones they bring to the market. I purchased the LG Optimus G phone. I loved the features and its a super fast phone. The key draw back is that it overheats easily. Truth is no one wants to hold a very hot phone in their hand regardless of the bells & whistles the phone has. I replaced it with the Samsung Galaxy S III and I am happy I did.

    Do a google search for ‘LG Optimus G overheating’. You will find a lot of complaints. Hopefully they can get a handle on this.

    • Tomatoes11

      My Optimus G doesn’t have any heat issues so far. My ipad 3 was scorching hot though, that is probably why it died in 6 months.

    • MattyMatt

      haven’t had any issues with mine overheating. it will get hot when I game long, but that is nothing special. all phones do that.

      I love it… I also find it easy to hold. not sure what that other person is on about.

    • it sucks

      hmm i thought it seemed a bit warm all the time. even when i dont use it it seems warm. but i HATE the optimus g. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE IT.

  • Gman

    I like optical drives, not so much for their phone. Will wait for Xperia ZL instead.

  • tim

    Fail! I want a 20′ phone.

    • GlassBackbadIdea

      I want a 55″ widescreen plasma display smart phone with a 5.1 Bose surround sound system so at the end of the day I can use it doubles as my home theater system. 5″ is way too small

  • Lgfail

    LG is no Samsung. Next

  • legend618

    I want my Nexus 4 first LG.