LG Optimus G now has bootloader unlock tool for Canadian versions

Daniel Bader

November 30, 2012 1:52pm

We told you that a shrewd developer had found a way to hack into the LG Optimus G’s locked bootloader, and would be bringing his exploit to Canadian Optimus Gs as soon as he could. Well, looks like thecubed has done just that, releasing three separate files for the Rogers, Bell and TELUS versions respectively.

The process itself is easy enough — it just involves running a .bat file from your Windows PC. The issue that the phone needs to be rooted before the exploit can take effect, so you must be comfortable getting down and dirty with your brand new device, as well as voiding your warranty.

Right now there isn’t much use to unlocking the bootloader, either. Despite its similar heritage with the Nexus 4, there is nary a developer community to build custom ROMs, so you’re pretty much left to your own devices. That, and you can use your custom recovery to back up your system files in case something goes awry.

Head to XDA-Developers to get started on your quest — or you could buy a Nexus 4, which comes with Android 4.2 and a much more active developer community.

If you haven’t read our review of the Optimus G, you should; it’s a great phone.

  • DJ

    I would love to buy a Nexus 4 instead. Any suggestions on where I should do that? Oh yeah…

  • mzo

    It’ll be great once devs start porting Nexus 4 roms to it.
    The internals are so similar that I’m told it shouldn’t be too difficult.
    ..it’ll be like a Nexus 4 with full LTE (LTE w/ signal amp) and more storage.

  • hunkyleepickle

    I played worth one for about a half hour, and couldn’t imagine using one as my own, even for free. The skin is horrendous, and the hardware is just as bad. Truly a fail, especially when compared to the nexus 4, and made by the same OEM no less!!

    • K_Owl

      Hardware is pretty much identical to the N4… if not EXACTLY like the N4 with a proper LTE configuration. As for the skin being horrendous, that is a personal opinion and hence the unlocked bootloader for future custom roms. Do your research before posting irrelevant comments.

  • Brandon

    @ Hunkyleepickle….. wtf do you think the N4 is based on?!

  • Batman

    @K_Owl Are you a moderator on this blog? No? So let him post his own opinions! Have a beer and relax, it’s not like anyone will have to have the same opinions as you in order to post on blogs!

  • boojay

    Does anyone know which file should be used to unlock the Sasktel version? (Bell, maybe?)

  • j

    @boojay check the model number on your phone. LG-E973 you should be fine using either the bell or telus version, LG-E971 you need to use the rogers version. Note: as usual, not responsible if you brick your phone.

    @hunkyleepickle what part of the hardware is “just bad”? the only actual negative that my friends and coworkers notice in regards to the hardware of the optimus g compared to the nexus 4 is that the nexus has the soft-touch, grippy stuff around the border of the phone, compared to the optimus which has glossy (and slippery) plasting on the borders. I’m looking into a bumper to mitigate this.

  • kp0w3r

    Shame we get the inferior at&t based variant version of the phone. and eventhough the n4 is based off it at least its only $360.00 and your guaranteed updates to the next versions of android compared to $650.00 outright for this

  • Usaamah

    Hmm I heard that all the ROMs built for the N4 work w/ the Optimus G right out of box, I believe the phones are identical in architecture besides the LTE, software wise the N4 has no custom overlay (Which I personally think LGs done a really good job on this time around).. I haven’t tested this out though.. I don’t have the G or the N4 yet unfortunately. If anyone gets the chance to try, or hears more about it let us all know.

    • boojay

      Not sure why you think this. This was NOT the case with the Nexus One/HTC Desire and I see no reason why it would be with the Optimus G/Nexus 4. I do NOT recommend trying this. Stick with roms specifically built for your phone.

  • kxj

    Very impressed with this phone extremely detailed’ super fast 0 lag’ and best screen on the market right now. the only hump will be the price and no expandable memory hopefully USB OTG will be compatible ‘ people giving negative comments about design really have not felt the phone’ dual glass design is premium.