Chameleon Launcher closed beta arrives for a select few

Daniel Bader

August 3, 2012 12:23pm

Remember Chameleon Launcher, that awesome Kickstarter-backed project for Android tablets that earned a lot of money before needing to be ignominiously shut down due to a administrative error and relaunch several weeks later with promises of a phone version? Phew.

Well, lo and behold, the Ottawa-based team at Teknision, led by the effortlessly energetic Gabor Vida, has launched a beta version of the tablet launcher to a select number of people. Unlike most betas, however, the app is not being distributed by messy proprietary APK files — the company has put it in the Play Store but it limiting its use to backers whose email addresses have been priorly registered with the company. I received my email last night but Teknision is smartly rolling out the invites piecemeal so as not to overload their servers.

Unfortunately, judging from the 29 one-star ratings, most people don’t understand what a closed beta means. Teknision has been very forthcoming about the limited beta, and from what I can tell it being in the Play Store does not violate the Developer Policy at all. I couldn’t find mention of any abrogation for betas being distributed through the Store, though I would recommend Teknision puts “CLOSED BETA” in the title to prevent too much disappointment.

This also highlights a few of the limitations of the Play Store itself; Ryan from Teknision had no way of addressing the many one-star complaints (because the company has not been selected by Google to be a part of the pilot program for developers) so instead he had to post a response in the guise of a review.

We’re really happy that Chameleon is coming along — it’s one of the most exciting things to happen to Android tablets, period. When we’ve been granted access to the beta, we’ll be sure to talk all about it.

  • Shensmobile

    People… are stupid.

  • deltatux

    This is the same issue that goes on, on XDA-Developers. People don’t realize that they’re mainly for development and people feel that even though they’re normally tagged ALPHA, BETA, NIGHTLY or TESTING, it still means stable and then get angry when something stops working…


      Like OMG this nightly is full of bugs and is missing all da [Samsung|HTC|LG…] stuff, tots not recmend – FAIL, 0 star.

  • Azzo

    Can’t wait till it comes out of BETA, Would look beautiful on my Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Sean

    Looking forward to spending my play store credit on this for my Nexus 7

  • Marc

    So wait… my sense-of-entitlement pass doesn’t make this work? 1 star.

  • Bobblehead

    This looks really great. Would Apple allow an app like this that fundamentally changes the OS?

  • kris

    Rip battery life. This launcher rapes it

  • p

    pretty good… once they get the bugs out and add more widgets it will be the best launcher available

  • Mike

    Wow, this looks slick. I’ll definitely be buying it once it’s out to use on my Nexus 7.

  • TKG26

    I have tried similar launcher on the hp touchpad. it worked very well.. Cant wait for this!

  • stylinred

    looks a lot like Meego and the proto-meego tablet ui

    wonder if these guys will get sued when its finally released

  • W Young

    XDA will have this beta open to the general public in a matter of days.


    blackberry is the best

    • ARYANA

      Is Chameleon launcher available yet for the Blackberry playbook?