Google+ for iOS gains Instant Upload and What’s Hot features

Daniel Bader

February 14, 2012 7:30pm

The Google+ machine just keeps on rolling, regardless of how many, or how few, users are using the service. Last count, during Google’s Q4 earnings report, was that 90 million users were registered for Google+, but there was no indication of how many return day after day.

Nevertheless, they keep pumping out updates for both Android, iOS and the web, and today it’s the iPhone app to get its feature creep. Though the Android app has always had it, the iPhone version just got Instant Upload, which takes your entire camera roll and puts it on Google’s servers to share or store at your whim. Though the app needs to be open for the uploads to initiate, you can close the app and uploads will continue for 10 minutes. Google+ puts a pretty big emphasis on photo sharing, and with the iPhone 4 and 4S’ excellent cameras, Instant Upload is a great feature to have.

In addition to that, Google has installed a What’s Hot section, much like the Discovery tab in the new mobile Twitter app. You can also shake the iPhone (not too hard!) to send feedback to Google, though we’re not sure how useful that is.

Source: Google+
Via: TheNextWeb

  • Gniok

    Google and iOS… kinda feels strange 😛

  • Marc

    So what kind of law suit is going to happen now?

  • thepincerslice

    Google has been close-knit with iOS since the very beginning.
    How about Maps?

    • Gniok

      I was kidding of course. Google makes more money of iOS than it does on Android so of course they will be making iOS apps. However, it always seems odd to me. On one hand, Apple want to kill each other, but on the other hand, they work closely together. I guess that’s just business.

  • expensivetroll

    Google what? Never heard about this.
    Ahhhh google+ ? Yeah, i remember when people used this haha

  • kspraydad

    switched to g+ from fb two months ago…its great…good balance between fb and twitter, great integration with other google services. still have to visit fb now and then but day to day g+ is great.

  • lengend

    Yea I use G+ more than FB now. Hopefully they make a BB App soon!

  • B.W.

    Layout is all messed up on my iPhone 3G and after reinstalling I can’t even login anymore because of it. Now I have to use the web version while I wait for them to fix it.