Skype coming soon to Windows Phone

Daniel Bader

January 14, 2012 5:32pm

According to Vice President of Products at Microsoft, Rick Osterloh, Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon. The app, which was first shown off at MIX ’11 and should have been released by the end of 2011, is nearly ready for public consumption.

Apparently the app won’t be as tightly integrated as some of the other Mango services such as Facebook and Twitter, but will perform as a standalone app until the release of Windows Phone Apollo later this year. And before then, according to sources, there is still Tango to go through.

Regardless of how it will operate, Microsoft is betting big things on its $8.5 billion acquisition, and it is no surprise that the app, and  in the future, the built-in service, is coming to Windows Phone in a big way. Look for an announcement at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona.

Check after the break for a video snippet with Rick from CES 2012.

Source: The Verge

  • Larry

    I have had Skype on my iPhone for over a year,It works great you can even switch cameras wile on a call and works with or without a WiFi conection.

  • Kid.Canada

    ^^ Cool story bro

  • Andy c

    Skype on iOS, android, desktop and soon windows phone. If they executed there IM as well as there video capabilities they would dominate the mobile space

  • Paynus in Uranus

    Skype on 4g is terrible due to data network latency (i.e the time it takes to initiate a data transfer). Carriers will not change this since they would rather make you pay 40c per min long distance for calls over their voice system.

  • David

    Would be dumb if Skype has no app for Windows Phone in the first place. MS spent a gazillion bucks for it and it has no app for its Mobile OS.

  • Nick

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they give windows phone users a certain number of free minutes per month. If Dropbox/Google/Apple can give their users free cloud storage, MS can certainly afford 50-100 free long distance minutes per user per month.

  • keithzg

    This is pretty hilarious, since the N9 (like the N900 before it) has Skype seamlessly integrated. You can definitely see why Nokia ditched their Linux-based OS for Microsoft’s more mature one, eh? 😉

    P.S. I’m writing this from an N9, and it’s pretty damn amazing.

  • nike schuhe damen