Kobo Vox debuting on October 17th, bringing Android tablet love to Canadians for $249

Daniel Bader

September 30, 2011 9:23am

The Kindle Fire just had its big day, but don’t count out Canadian-owned Kobo from the eReader/Tablet combo fight just yet. Screenshots captured from Future Shop’s website show a 7″ 1024×600 pixel display with those unmistakable Android capacitive buttons at the bottom.

What we won’t know until the company makes an announcement shortly is whether they’ve done what Amazon have been able to pull off: marry enough desirable, and affordable, content to the hardware. At this point, unlike Amazon, Kobo is only in the book-sellers business. It would be a mistake for them to debut an Android tablet without giving users access to movies, TV shows and magazines.

One thing the leak does say is that unlike Amazon’s Fire, it will have full access to the Android Marketplace, so expect the Vox to run a more Google-sanctioned version of Android than either the Fire or Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color.

The description on the site says, “The Kobo Vox combines everything great about Kobo with amazing new features that bring your reading experience to new levels. You’ll enjoy hours of reading on the 7-inch colour display, downloading from a selection of 2.5 million titles, and even surfing the web and downloading apps from the Android market. The Kobo Vox is the eReader that does so much more.”

It’s also expected to come with 8GB internal storage and WiFi, but no 3G capabilities. We will see what happens when the Vox debuts in the next few weeks.

Via: Slashgear

  • Andy A

    Glad to see that more affordable tablet options are coming out!

  • Stephen Elsker

    I’d still be hard pressed to buy this, or the fire, over a cheap playbook.

    • Sean

      But this one actually uses the android market as proposed to a scaled down version of it “sometime” in the future

    • Bryce

      But the Fire is essentially useless in Canada. Amazon Prime, MP3, and the App store are US only products.

  • Joke!!!!!!!

    You get what you pay for!

  • JustMeAndMe

    price should be less than 200 to be able to withstand competition. otherwise it’s just another sunken ship in a sea of tablets.

  • Darren

    All this competition does is drive overall pricing down, whether you personally like it or not. If it takes a big enough bite out of Apple’s market, even they’ll have to adjust their pricing. It’s a win, take it. Now about that name – sounds way too much like the lead singer of U2.

  • Sunny

    Kindle is at $200 and most analysts believe Amazon would be losing $50 per machine. This one is $250. Nicely done Chapters.

  • Adam

    Don’t new gadgets usually come out on a Tuesday? Last time i checked the Vox comes out on the 17th – which is a Monday -_-

  • cindy petterson

    Price is $199 thru ChaptersIndigo!