HTC Flyer gets early Honeycomb leak, our dreams come true

Daniel Bader

September 2, 2011 4:42pm

Remember that odd 7″ tablet that HTC released earlier this year that was running a highly-modified version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread instead of tablet-specific Honeycomb? We reviewed the Flyer (and thoroughly enjoyed using it), but yearned for some tablet-specific Honeycomb apps. We never knew when the company, who did commit to upgrading the tab to Honeycomb at some point, would indeed follow through. Well, now that its big brother, the 10″ Jetstream, is a reality and coming soon to AT&T, an early build of Android 3.2 for the Flyer has leaked to the ‘net courtesy of British Android extraordinaire Paul O’Brien.

Be careful when loading the leak, as you will not only lose root (and may not be able to get it back) but you risk voiding the warranty in the process.

Anyone willing to take the plunge, let us know how it goes, but we advise you to wait until next week when Paul claims he will be posting a safer, pre-rooted version.

Source: MoDaCo via Android Central

  • Frank

    does anyone own a Flyer?

  • patrick m

    Ok love htc products ,so when is the jetststream coming to Canada because I’m really looking at the Samsung tab 10.1

  • brando

    Was planning on owning one but the jetstream seems way better to wait for

  • Superfly

    Oh great. Honeycomb! The OS that does NOT do skype! Ooohhhh wow

    • Sined

      It’s not the OS that can’t do Skype. The word on XDA developpers is that the nVidia Tegra 2 is missing an instructions set that is found of most other chipsets.

  • Superfly

    Ok. So then any honeycomb tablet not running tegra 2 can run skype? Not!

    • Sined

      There aren’t any non-nVidia Tegra 2 Honeycomb Tablets out there yet…

  • jim

    I am glad I did the smart thing and got the iPad. The original tablet with all the best apps and smoothest touch screen.

  • captain67

    @Jim original tablet? There were many before it. Of course Apple and their marketing have convinced you otherwise.

  • Mattprime86

    Ya.. I literally asked for a tablet 15 years ago for Christmas

  • saffant

    Galaxy Tab 7.7 > HTC Puccini (Jetstream) > Galaxy Tab 10.1 > iPad 2 > HTC Flyer > HP Touchpad.

  • K. C.

    I have a Flyer and it has become an extension of my arm, I take it with me everywhere and can say that I use it so much that I have started forgetting to take my phone with me. I bought my GF an iPad2 and I am wholely unimpressed. It’s slimmer, bigger and unhelpful. Its a frisbee compared to the flyer.

  • aostl

    Agreed. Flyer owners love these devices. Mine comes everywhere in my cargo/coat pocket in my case that holds the scribe pen. It’s not a device to win hardware races, its a cool innovative note tablet thingy that works excellent for what it for.

  • ML

    For those waiting on the Jetstream, you guys *have* seen the price, right?

    • Number Zero

      I like HTC products and all but $700 for a 4G tablet on contract is way too much money.

  • mooka

    I have my own and I love it I can do any thing but can I turn this into a phone ?

    • gs199

      I use “groove ip” to make Google voice calls over WiFi with my flyer all day. Canceled my cell phone.