Twitter now available on Windows 10 Mobile

Igor Bonifacic

March 17, 2016 8:20am

While many of the new features Twitter has added to its platform over the past couple of months have promptly made their way to iOS and Android, Windows 10 users have been forced to make do with a relatively feature spare first-party client.

That changes today with the latest update to the official Twitter Windows 10 Mobile app.

First and foremost, there’s now an official Windows 10 Mobile Twitter client. Moreover, the update adds support for some of the platform’s latest features, including Moments (not available in Canada yet), group direct messages, GIFs, videos, muting and pull to refresh. Desktop users also get access to a new dark skin (pictured at the top) similar to the one that’s already available on mobile.

Twitter Windows 10

Last week, Facebook-owned Instagram released a beta version of its own mobile app to the Windows Store.

Of course, whether it comes to Instagram, Tinder or even Twitter-owned Vine, most Windows Phone users will likely continue to swear by work of self-proclaimed “true Windows Phone addict” Rudy Huyn. Still, it’s nice that there’s still a first-party option.

Download the updated Twitter app from the Windows Store.

  • Marc Palumbo

    Rudy isn’t self-proclaimed. He’s fan-proclaimed and his apps are better than first party. I can vouch for that.

    • MassDeduction

      The article indicates he’s a self-proclaimed Windows Phone addict. That may well be true. He’s fan-proclaimed to have better apps than the official ones (even the official ones on other platforms), but the article doesn’t address that part of things.

  • alphaswift

    Your headline is misleading. Twitter has always been available for W10M, it just got the big update you’re talking about a couple of days ago. Source: I’m a W10M user.

    • Ridge

      Very nice app though, the kind of beautiful design I expect from companies who actually put work into their W10 Mobile apps!