Best Buy offering discounted Gear VR for those who missed S7/S7 edge pre-order bonus

Igor Bonifacic

March 11, 2016 8:00am

If you decided against preordering the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge and therefore missed your chance to snag a free Gear VR, the good news is you still have an opportunity to get Samsung’s virtual reality headset at a decent discount.

According to a Best Buy flyer MobileSyrup was able to obtain, Starting tomorrow anyone who buys and activates the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge at the big box retailer will get a $40 discount on the additional purchase of a Gear VR headset (normally priced $90). Consumers can also get an additional $50 off towards the purchase of either phone when they trade in their existing device, effectively making the Gear VR free.

Gear VR

As with any promotion, there are a couple of specific restrictions in to keep in mind.

The most significant one is that the new S7 you buy needs to be activated with either Bell, Telus or Rogers. Additionally, you’ll need to sign a two year plan. Last but not least, the promotion is only valid at certain stores across the country, and while supplies last.

Do you plan to grab a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge on launch day? Tell us in the comments section below.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Error in story…regularly priced at $139.00, $90.00 savings.

    • KiwiBri

      they really try to rush out these articles these days eh? No proof reading or comprehension.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Sad but true. It also looks like Daniel has moved over to Mobile Nations/iMore!

  • Ben

    God, those prices! 400 to 500$ for 32 GB model WITH a 2 year contract? 😐 So basically, iPhone prices (if not even pricier)?

    • hardy83

      Samsungs flagship phones have always been priced similar to iPhones, at least for the last while anyways.

    • Ben

      I guess I never notice before now… But isin’t this 100$ overpriced? The off contract price if 899/999 and don’t companies give 600$ off phones on their “max” or the top tier plans? Nexus 6P is 699 or 99$ on contract pretty much everywhere for example… In any case, I guess I’m getting old and/or cheap as I’d never buy a phone for that price on a 2y contract.

    • hardy83

      Could be the carriers. Maybe they jacked up the price for whatever reason.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if carriers jack up the price of new phones during launch periods to get a little extra cash, then lower it later on.
      I suppose the exception would be Apple cause it’s probably Apple who sets the prices, I imagine.

    • Guest

      Most carriers only provide a $500 subsidy on new release devices, other than WIND who offers up to $600. Very pricey phone indeed!

    • Ben

      I don’t know if this is specific to Quebec but pretty much all carriers offer 600$ off “premium” phones taken on “premium” plans. That I know for sure : Rogers, Fido, Videotron. Sometimes even 650$.

  • rajmohan pailithodi madathil


  • Mir Shoaib Raza Talpur

    i preorder my s7 edge i just got my s7 edge no gear vr they saying samsung company cancel gear vr 🙁 :/

    • Kevin Hu

      If you pre-order before March 11, you will get the VR for sure. Even a free 128GB sd card for outright purchase at Samsung Store canada.

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  • jay

    I just picked on up for 109$ awesome deal but it doesn’t work on my iPhone? Any ideas why not first I had to force in the connector and than I see just my screen. If that is VR I wouldn’t buy it. Samsung really didn’t do a good job with that. So I can confirm it doesn’t work on the iphone 6s .

    I am funny lol