Bell updating Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 to Marshmallow this month

Ian Hardy

March 7, 2016 2:35pm

Telus listed in its Android software update schedule that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would possibly receive the Marshmallow update on March 13th, which was pushed back from the original March 9th date.

It seems Bell is confirming the update to Android 6.0 this month as well.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.37.28 PM

On Twitter, Bell Support noted, “Marshmallow will be released in March 2016” for the Note 5. Unfortunately, there is no specific release date yet for the update, though, probably a good date to tentatively put on your calendar is March 13th.

In addition, for Galaxy S6 owners, Bell has stated it will bring Marshmallow to you sometime this month as well, but like above, there is “no exact day yet.”

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  • darkman

    And still not a word from Rogers the worst there is for updates.

    • Arshdeep Singh Saini

      Give my s5 it’s last update Rogers, and then go to hell!

    • AZ

      Please Rogers give my Note 4 the Marshmallow update.

    • jay

      Takes me 10 min to get marshmallows

    • Myra

      S6, S6 Edge, S7 and more is now on sale only at NewSmartphoneDeals:com

    • jay

      Just root and good running 5.1 on my Rogers galaxy

  • Nick

    So March 31st? -_-

    • MBTechno

      March 2017.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    You can expect they all 3 will release the update about the same time. so funny how they seem to always work together in detriment of costumers

  • Jonny Cordner

    So I sent rogers a twitter message asking about marshmallow for the note 5 and they sent me to the update page that had nothing on it and said keep an eye on that page for updates. Rogers has gone down hill. Worst customer support I have dealt with by far. They used to be mediocre but wow. It was just poorly handled

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  • Cameron Davidson

    Don’t know why people are demanding updates that aren’t made to work with your phone.

    The firmware you have world with your device. Having to have the latest isn’t going to do you any good if it’s not designed specifically for your handset.

    People really need to get out of this “give it to me now” Veruca Salt way of thinking.

    • Neil Libby

      I hope you realize that Samsung already released the updates for these devices that are made to work with our phones.

      Bell, telus, and roges just get these updates to put in their own adjustments and tweeks to make it “Bell” certifided, not make it work with our handsets

      If I had the option to completely skip having bell mess with what samsung designed to work with my device I would

    • Cameron Davidson

      See my reply to Daddy Gorilla below.

    • Daddy Gorrilla

      Android software isn’t device specific. Rogers only needs to add their own bloatware. I’d be a happy camper if they left it vanilla, I have to remove about 60 useless system apps added by rogers after they get their hands on it.

    • Cameron Davidson

      It’s not even about bloatware. Marshmallow is huge. With every new bell and whistle Google adds – like Google Now for instance – the more storage and RAM it takes to run.

      Someone with a Galaxy S4 who’s complaining that they’re not getting the update, wouldn’t even have it fit their 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage anyway. Lollipop and Marshmallow were never written with them in mind because running then would degrade their device due low a lack of specs.

      Yes, it absolutely matters what device you own.

    • Dennis Furlan

      I find the expectations surrounding mobile OS updates to be rather curious. I guess it’s because smartphones have become so popular, and the market so competitive. But, if you look at PCs, as an example, most people use the OS that came with the computer, and never upgrade until they buy the next computer. Yet, with smartphones, some people will literally make their purchase decision based on the frequency of updates that weren’t specifically designed for your phone.

    • Cameron Davidson


    • Daddy Gorrilla

      Didn’t say it didn’t matter what device you own, obviously an older phone won’t be able to keep up, doesn’t take a genius to figure that. Said that Android software ISN’T device specific(which it isn’t) Besides, if you had an s4 still, why wouldn’t you be using aosp, would make alot more sense. My old s4 runs aosp marshmallow beautifully, albeit it’s more for an mp3 player.

    • Cameron Davidson

      Apparently it does take a genius. Every time I read these forums when MobileSyrup posts an upgrade news item, it’s chock full of ridiculous “where’s the update for my S4?” posts.

      AOSP ROMs are quite often stripped down, and that’s why it fits. Personally, I like the functionality of Samsung’s bloatware, but I know I’m in the minority.

      Also, people aren’t usually interested in learning how to flash their ROM, so…

    • Daddy Gorrilla

      Lol, hear that Bros. Rogers couldn’t be slow enough, still waiting for my s6 edge plus and note 5 marshmallow update, don’t know why people complaining about s4 updates.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Well, they’re complaining about S4 updates because Apple provides iOS updates going back at least that far, despite the fact that they often cause bugs and stability issues. When it comes to smartphones, which we’ve become so personally attached to, consumer expectations are often fickle.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Yeah, the so-called Samsung “bloatware” doesn’t bother me, either. If there’s a true culprit, it’s any company that doesn’t allow their pre-installed apps to be uninstalled, and that list includes both Google (Android) and Apple (iOS), with the latter not even allowing you to change your default browser, for crying out loud. But Samsung is the only company called out for this.

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  • Shawn O’Hearn

    Still no update from Bell for S6….it is now April 19th.

    • Dennis Furlan

      I got mine over a week ago — at least.

    • Julio Poreza

      Well, I haven’t yet.

    • Kevin Valencourt

      You aren’t on Bell then, as it’s not released.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Then what carrier am I on, genius? Think before you post. Of course I’m on Bell. Next.

    • Kevin Valencourt

      That’s funny, because this discussion is in regards to the Galaxy S6 and Note 5. I don’t know anyone else who received an update to Marshmallow, nor has Bell released any info stating such. In fact all they keep doing is pushing it back.
      So I would be very curious to know, how you, of all people are the only one that has received an update on your device. NEXT!

    • Dennis Furlan

      Let me get this straight. It’s supposed to be MY responsibility to explain to YOU why people like me have the S6 Marshmallow update on Bell and others don’t? What in the world is your problem?

    • Kevin Valencourt

      I’m simply calling you out as a liar. Bell hasn’t released Marshmallow on the S6, simple as that, so either you are lying and just trying to start crap, or you’ve rooted and are not using an official release from Bell.
      I love how you try and change the actual point of the conversation, to deviate from your lie.

    • Dennis Furlan

      That’s because you’re a fool with low integrity.

      I tried posting a link to another article on this website with comments from Bell users, including myself, with S6 Marshmallow updates, but Disqus seems to reject such links.

      Therefore, I suggest you look it up instead of making yourself out to be a flaming fool.

    • Kevin Valencourt

      Excellent excuse on not providing proof. Funny I’ve seen plenty of links posted via Disqus , and they aren’t removed, Maybe they have received complaints about you, you know, integrity issues, So they remove your posts.
      Funny how not one other person has defended you, or started they have received Marshmallow on their S6 via Bell… It’s because you’re simply full of crap.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Then post a link and prove me wrong, jackass.

    • Kevin Valencourt

      Here you go


    • Dennis Furlan

      Still waiting. 🙂

    • Kevin Valencourt

      So sorry, I have a life outside of the internet. You know fresh air, etc. I wa enjoying my weekend off work. I am sure that’s hard for you to understand,
      Yup links get removed. Sure enough. Still think you are talking out your a*s in regards to getting any official Marshmallow update from bell on your S6. I am sure there is some way for you to prove it. Considering you are the ONLY person that supposedly has it….

    • Dennis Furlan

      You waited three days because you have better things to do than defend your honesty and integrity? Not surprised.

    • Kevin Valencourt

      No, I have better things to do than continue to poke a troll like yourself. There is no sense arguing with the likes of you, So I won’t any longer. Feel free to get in the last word!

    • Dennis Furlan

      A troll? Really? All I did was truthfully say that I have Marshmallow on my S6 with Bell and, for that, you very quickly called me a liar, a phony, and now a troll. No, you waited because you have no character nor honour, and you won’t reply again because you’re a coward who doesn’t care a lick about the truth nor integrity. Bye.

  • Kevin Valencourt

    I am on Telus, I received my Marshmallow on my S6 on April 18th. I am curious if Bell has released yet? As my Mother and Brother In Law are both on bell with S6’s.
    Trying to get info from Bell’s Support Twitter is a joke. They have been saying SOON since March 1st. It’s now May. So anyone have any recent news?

    • Shawn O’Hearn

      May 6th… update yet for my Bell Galaxy S6.

    • Louis-Frederic Corbeil

      may 10th nothing from Bell yet! This is very annoying

    • Kevin Valencourt

      Hey ask @dennis@dennisfurlan:disqus how he got his update from Bell, he seems to have all the answers.