Samsung’s ad blocking partner Adblock Fast is back on the Play Store

Rob Attrell

February 9, 2016 2:30pm

In the last two weeks, a signifiant amount of drama has arisen from Samsung’s decision to allow ad blocking within its native mobile web browser.

The South Korean company partnered with Adblock Fast as a launch partner, which boosted the latter’s app to the top of the Google Play charts. Shortly afterward, Google decided that Adblock Fast was in violation of its developer guidelines, and subsequently removed the app from the Play Store altogether.

Today, in a post on Medium, the developers of Adblock Fast announced that, after an appeal, the app has been reinstated into the Google Play Store. It’s unclear exactly what part of the app drew the ire of Google in the first place, and it’s just as unclear why the app is back now. All Google said in email to the developers is “we’ve accepted your appeal and your app has been reinstated.”

The app itself has also received an update in the wake of this reinstatement, extending ad blocking support to versions of Android 4.o and up. You can check out the ad blocking app on the Google Play Store now.

  • 魔鬼

    This seems not usable until carriers pushes new OTA update