OneDrive for iOS gets Apple Pencil and 3D Touch support

Rob Attrell

January 20, 2016 8:43am

Since the release of the iPad Pro last fall, questions have been raised regarding whether developers would take the time to support the niche product. Not only do designers have to contend with the device’s larger screen, but supporting the Apple Pencil requires redesigning any app with drawing or handwriting features.

This week, OneDrive on iOS was bumped to version 6.8, adding support for the Apple Pencil as well as 3D Touch displays. This means users of the iPad Pro and the latest-generation iPhones, will be able to create more natural handwritten PDF annotations, taking advantage of the pressure sensitivity of those devices. The release also contains a variety of bug fixes and stability related improvements.

There are still plenty of apps from big companies like Google that are sorely lacking support for the iPad Pro, as well as some new iOS 9 features. We’re now four months out from the release of the latest version of iOS, leaving many users wondering what is taking so long.

The latest version of OneDrive is available on the iOS App Store.

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  • Frederick The Great

    Maybe iOS 9.3 is taking longer because unlike previous iterations they want to avoid a release that is full of potential glitches. I don’t think anyone is waiting around with baited breath for a software update, unless of course you happen to be Rob Attrell and write for MS. ‘-)