285 million smartphones were shipped in Q1, Apple and Samsung have ‘slipped’

Ian Hardy

April 29, 2014 8:48am

The latest roundup from research firm Strategy Analytics has global smartphone shipments increasing 285 million units, up by a whopping 33% over last year. Leading the pack are both Samsung and Apple, but SA states that they both “lost slight traction in the quarter.” The two companies, who are currently battling it out in court over patent infringement issues, make up for 132.7 million smartphone shipments, or 47% of all shipments in the quarter (down 3% from Q1 2013) — Samsung with 89 million and Apple with 43.7.

The report indicated that Samsung faces “tough competition” and is getting hit from all sides, specifically from Apple on the high-end and Huawei at the lower-end. As for Apple, Strategy Analytics says the company “remains strong in the premium smartphone segment, but a lack of presence in the entry-level category.” Surely the 5c has not been what people have wanted.

Since Samsung and Apple have “slipped” in smartphone shipments, other mobile manufacturers are making up for lost ground. The report indicated that Huawei and Lenovo are both increasing its presence, now accounting for 13.4% and 13.3% of all smartphones shipments.

Source: Strategy Analytics
Via: TNW

  • jay

    Not cheap phones but cheap in price that’s the way to go! Thanks nexus oppo and one plus

    • southerndinner

      They’re a fraction of overall sales and that’s all they’ll remain to be. The Nexus lineup has a lockdown on the ‘I live in my parents’ basement’ crowd, and even then it represents a negligible amount of sales.

    • Savbers

      Am part of that crowd; can confirm is popular.

    • ChrisPollard77

      My parents are both dead, and I have a mortgage of my own, thanks.

      May be a negligible percentage of industry-wide sales, I agree. But I’ve seen Nexus phones in the hands of far more than your stereotyping suggests … As long as they keep making Nexus devices, they will ALWAYS be at the top of my list of things to consider. Not to the exclusion of all else though. I’ve quite enjoyed my Motorola and Samsung phones of the past as well.

  • MXH070

    NICE!…. Some people are finally waking up and not blindly drinking Samesung and Apples Kool-aid of useless gimmicks and 4% lighter and 12% thinner over priced crap. There is a great selection of better and reasonably priced devices on the market compared to what Sammy and Apple keep pumping out year after year, it’s good to see more people are realizing it.

  • MaX Damage

    Here’s a heart rate monitor/finger unlock feature, that will be 800$ please. Thanks

  • wahwah

    Was about to make these exact same points. This Ian character is quite the joke, and useless blogger.

    • Poodz

      For sure. I think this article could be reworded as “Apple and Samsung now face more competition” and that other companies are growing also. Apple and Samsung aren’t exactly losing money, just overall marketshare. But that’s good!

  • FlamesFan89

    “The 5C outsold the Galaxy S4, G2, Nexus 5, One (M7), Moto X, and every other flagship except Apple’s own iPhone 5S.”

    Proof positive that there is simply no accounting for taste. 😉

  • cs098

    “Since Samsung and Apple have “slipped” in smartphone shipments”
    *market share not shipments.

    Did you guys even read the source?

    Samsung grew almost 20 mill in shipments while apple grew a bit over 6 mill. Atleast according to Strategy Analytics.

    What slipped is the marketshare, meaning the competition overall grew even faster than Sammy and Apple. That’s very good of course, the better preforming the competition is, the better it is for consumers.

  • cs098

    Technically the s4 is outselling the 5c if you’re using the source from the us carriers.

  • southerndinner

    The 5C was number 2 in the US, not the world.

  • MXH070

    Ha. If the iPhone 5c was such a sales juggernaut as you point out, why after 30 days apple cut production by 40% 30 days after release due to next to zero demand. A quick inter search and you’ll see the 5c was a complete turd laid by cook and apple. If the 5c was such a success why is it that apple won’t release the 5c sales numbers they rather lump them in with the 5s to hide that the 5c was a utter fail that can be lumped in with the blackberry playbook.

    One has a better chance of seeing a palm pre than iphone 5c in the wild.

    • MXH070

      Nope not trolling. Apple made the large cuts on the 5c production then increased the 5s production due to the large demand. That alone should speak volumes to the general public but why is it apple lovers can’t admit apple can do wrong and they too can create a Flop like any other company.

    • MXH070

      Can we see some numbers on how many 5c devices were sold last quarter? Not shipped as apple and Sammy use oh so often to tout massive sales.

  • Nexzen

    5C is a flop. Tim Cook even said it was lower than expected. When he says Apple and Samsung slipped he means they may have increased in sales but others increased more thus stating that increase in sales wasn’t large enough to push over competition. If you have 5 jelly beans and I have 2 jelly beans. You get 5 more and I get 6 more. I have 8 jelly beans now and you have 10. You still have more but I gained more.

  • Jay

    because AppleInsider won’t be biased about how they present the information… I know my store isn’t a sample of the entire population, but I sell more Moto X than I sell iPhone 5c and 5s combined. Now throw the S4, HTC One (M7) and the Nexus 5, I’m selling Android at a ratio of close to 10:1 over Apple.
    The iPhones that do seem to be selling well within stores in my district are the 4s and 5c. I attribute it to the type of customers that see an iPhone and go “ZOMG! It’s an iPhone for under $100!!! MUST HAVVVEEEE!!!!!”

    • Jay

      I never claimed my store to represent the market. I specifically said my store is not a sample of the entire market… You’re being petty and trying to claim that your store does…
      From the article:
      “…or 47% of all shipments in the quarter (down 3% from Q1 2013) — Samsung with 89 million and Apple with 43.7.”
      Samsung AND Apple together didn’t make up 50% of the market. Add to that the fact that Samsung shipped more than double the number of units that Apple did.
      You remind me of the worse sales rep I have ever dealt with (this was before I was old enough to sell them). Walked in to a Telus store to ask about a couple of the new Android devices. The rep told me I didn’t want them and pulled out his iPhone, put it on the table and told me I want one of those. Not only is there no way he could ‘know’ I wanted an iPhone. The reality is he should have been able to assume I actually DIDN’T want an iPhone as I was specifically not asking about them.

      If you love Apple, that’s fine. But realize that Apple is not the be-all for smart phones. Quarter after quarter and year after year, they are losing market share because the industry is fully of companies like HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Lenovo, etc… that actually want to innovate in the industry. They want to create a product that people actually want. Companies like Apple and, more recently, Samsung seem to be more interested in trying to tell people what they should want and then putting a patent on it so that nobody else can do this amazing thing for humanity.

    • MXH070

      You must work at an apple store that’s why you sell more iPhones than all other devices combined at your store.

      But seriously wouldn’t apple have the majority of the world market if that was the case.
      When I last look apple was sitting at only 16% -18% in that range and dropping year after year to android

    • MXH070

      Can’t argue with that.

    • Victor_Creed

      “Apple tries to give people what they want, even if they don’t know they want it.” You are the definition of a fanboy, don’t push devices at your store? Lol whatever much! Guaranteed you’ve never not mentioned iPhone to each one of your sales all the while down selling Android devices. Guaranteed without question.

  • Jay

    More and more people are buying smart phones. Several are even starting to buy more than one. But if 100 people bought phones last year and 80 of them bought either a Samsung or Apple product and this year, 100 new people bought smart phones but only 50 of them bought Samsung or Apple, that’s a slip. It means that their past products didn’t inspire enough awe and wonder to get the original customers to recommend them highly to their friends. It also means that they were trying to coast on their past success while companies like Motorola, Lenovo, Hawaii and even ZTE are trying to actually be innovative and create products that people want. Their not sitting in court whining because someone else made a little electronic box that looks a little bit like my electronic box. I’M UNIQUE AND NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO BE LIKE ME!!! NOW BUY MY STUFF!!!
    Seriously… I refuse to buy anything from Samsung or Apple until they put on their big girl panties and suck it up and actually try advancing the industry instead of suing the other companies because they used the same color for an icon! c’mon!

  • MXH070

    That’s crap we can’t attach links as it would add more substance to some discussions. But anyways I will have do a little searching as I still see the 5c as a failed attempt by Apple on the low end by failing to understand what the customers expectations are.

    • MXH070

      What was wrong with the 5 to fill that void it has the same specs as the 5c and wasn’t it cheaper than the 5c, as for looks. The 5 was head and shoulders above the 5c. I’m leaning towards why apple discontinued the 5 and replaced it with the 5c was a sales tactic to force people to buy the 5s. No matter how apple and apple followers twist the 5c is the red headed step child at apple.

    • MXH070

      Now that’s a response I can agree with about the 5c

  • PT

    The 5c have been sold about … 5 since its hit the market. lol!

  • Victor_Creed

    Fanboi much? Go outside and get some air there’s life outside of Apple.

  • Victor_Creed

    Fanboi much? Go outside and get some air there’s life outside of Apple.