HTC One M8 receives minor update, adds Extreme Power Saving Mode and camera enhancements

Daniel Bader

April 23, 2014 1:24pm

The HTC One M8 is receiving a minor software update today, adding Extreme Power Saving Mode and a number of enhacements for the Camera and Gallery apps.

While citizens in other countries were able to use Extreme Power Saving Mode at launch, Canadians and their US counterparts had to wait on FCC approval for the update, since the device required additional testing to ensure that emergency calls were able to be routed in that low power state.


The update, available for all variants of the device, brings the build to 1.55.631.4, but is otherwise unchanged; the underlying software is still Android 4.4.2 with Sense 6.0.

We had a chance to test EPSM at the M8 launch last month and came away impressed. It shuts down all but the essential components of the device, eking out every possible cycle from the battery. The company claims that it can last an additional 24 hours in standby mode with the feature enabled, while still making the occasional phone call or text message.

As for camera, we haven’t been able to test whether performance has been dramatically improved, but we’ll be putting the update through its paces to see what’s better.

The 149.85MB update is now available from Settings/About/Software updates.

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

  • southerndinner

    Does it make the camera look like it’s from 2011 or newer? No? Pass.

  • Steven Gamboa

    I have not recieved an update for my TELUS M8 yet

    • 4ChanApologist

      Just got mine today

  • canucks4life

    On a side note was playing around with a live demo really liked the option to clear all recent open apps with just a single tap is that a sense thing?

    • Steven Gamboa

      that is a sense thing

  • Eluder

    Got the update for my Rogers unit this morning… so far so good.

  • manpreet singh

    no update on my telus m8…

  • RJay Mirosovsky

    Nothing on sasktel yet

  • Peter Lee

    Updating on my Rogers M8

  • ShadowFist23

    I like the Extreme Power Saving Mode idea, but wouldn’t you get basically the same thing by just disabling mobile data?


      Nope. It does quite a bit more than that. Check the research.

  • Iraj Ghanavati

    nothing from Bell yet!

  • David Overbury

    nothing on Telus for me neither..

  • M Hopper

    No update from T-Mobile yet.

  • Iraj Ghanavati

    got it on Bell today!

  • Vince

    its on telus, updated this morning

  • ShadowFist23

    That’s actually pretty cool..