Facebook is now fully mobile, approaches a billion monthly smartphone users

Daniel Bader

January 29, 2014 4:39pm

Facebook has released its Q4 earnings this afternoon and the results are good. Revenue is up to $2.59 billion, well ahead of analysts’ expectations and up from $1.59 billion the same period a year ago.

More impressive are the numbers: 53% of the company’s revenue is now derived from mobile ads, and monthly mobile users are up almost 400 million from the same period last year to 945 million. Total monthly active users are up to 1.23 billion, with daily active users hovering around the 750 million mark. Daily active mobile users totalled 556 million in December, an increase of 49% from the year prior.

Still, a relatively small percentage — roughly 15% — of users only log in through mobile devices every month, but the total number of those logging on through both mobile and desktop are increasing quickly.

Facebook’s increasing success in the mobile space will likely be welcome news to investors, many of whom thought the company’s transition from a primarily desktop-focused social network to a native app-friendly mobile one would be fraught.

  • Super_Deluxe

    And still doesn’t have the ability to reply to a comment or like a comment on Android not sure about iOS and those features are on the mobile site…

  • Chris Taylor

    The headline makes no sense. “Facebook is now fully mobile” … yet its daily active user base is not 100% mobile devices, its revenue stream is not derived entirely from mobile devices…

    I’m not sure your editor understands what “fully” means.

  • Tom

    Getting rid of the facebook app was one of the reasons I decided to root my first Android phone, and have continued rooting ever since 😛

  • Swordfish

    Too bad its stll a poorly written app. I can’t believe they released this thing its current condition. It still asks me to update itself almost everyday, even though its the same version I updated already. Facebook must have some really bad programmers…