Apple’s Q1 2014 revenue tops $57 billion, record sales of 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads

Ian Hardy

January 27, 2014 4:42pm

Apple announced its fiscal 2014 Q1 results today and the company has once again made billions. Coming off the busy holiday season saw Apple rake in record revenues of $57.6 billion and a quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion (USD). As for specific iPhone and iPad sales, Apple hit record numbers with a whopping 51 million iPhones and sold 26 million iPads during the quarter — both being “all-time quarterly records.”

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stated, “We are really happy with our record iPhone and iPad sales, the strong performance of our Mac products and the continued growth of iTunes, Software and Services. We love having the most satisfied, loyal and engaged customers, and are continuing to invest heavily in our future to make their experiences with our products and services even better.”

Later this year Apple is rumoured to launch two new iPhones, one with a display above 4.5-inches and another to take on competitors like Samsung with a display that’s larger than 5-inches. In addition the iPhones, Apple is also expected to enter the smart watch category, potentially with the “iWatch.”

Source: Apple

  • Mathieu V


  • David

    Can’t wait to try and fit that 45 inch iPhone in my pocket….

    • WatDah

      Touch ID will be even better with palm recognition rather than just a finger. Or maybe even your face for a “facial” recognition.
      What’s that rumor regarding a new sapphire screen again? We might possibly have the answer here.

    • Zed

      I’d upvote you more if I could

    • Josh Brown

      Have fun with your super brittle Sapphire screen, either it will have to be 1″ thick or will crack just looking at it funny. But hey at least it wont get scratches on it. lol

    • WatDah

      Funny, all my watches uses sapphire and they’re not 1″ thick. None of them seem to have a problem and I’ve accidentally bang some of them on different hard surfaces before. Let me guess, Apple killed your parents? Hating is a non-beneficial, tiresome game. Learn to take sarcasm if you can see it.

    • Josh Brown

      Are your watch faces 4″ x 3″? If your iPhone screen was the size of a watch face then sure sapphire would work. But the longer it is the more chance of the sapphire flexing. It is called leverage. You can’t put enough sheer force on your watch face to make it break. Sapphire is ultra hard that is why it does not scratch. But what comes with that is being crazy brittle so the slightest flex of the phone and it will shatter, not crack, shatter. You drop it on the floor and it flexes that is it. Sweeping up dust. The closer the shape of the materials are to a cube the stronger they are. Thus the strength in your watch face. But smart phones have paper thin pieces of glass that are really long and wide.

      It is a fact of life there is always a draw back of every material. If it is ultra hard, it is brittle. If it is is soft and flexible, it will scratch easy.

    • WatDah

      Who’s even saying for sure that Apple is using it for the iPhone’s screen? Claim down, take a breath, and relax a little. No need to write essays to expose yourself of your insecurities.

    • Josh Brown

      You you are the one that brought up the rumour of sapphire being used. I was just pointing out why it would be stupid. Apple is not stupid, stubborn but not stupid.

    • WatDah

      First of all, when this article was published, they had a typo that says “one with a display above 45-inches”. That’s why I joked about it in relation to the rumor as a jab at the analysts of the stupidity and unrealistic use of such material. You might have just took it a little too seriously, but I don’t blame you as you probably didn’t realize. Second….. well there is no second lol.

    • kilowiko

      No, just no. You sound like a corning glass shill/salesman scared of losing his job.
      Artificial sapphire is grown as a single crystal, unlike glass, which is an amorphous solid with no coherent structure. That makes it both harder to scratch and harder to break.

    • Josh Brown

      We need flexible screens not brittle screens. Harder is not better. A slight deflection from sitting on phone or dropping it, will shatter it. If they can some how make sapphire flexible, that would be amazing, but that is not going to happen right now.

    • kilowiko

      Dude I have a rather nice watch with a sapphire lens that I’ve been treating like dirt and beating to hell for the past 20 some years. I’ve literally smashed it with a hammer all drunk building decks up at the cottage on numerous occasions. Guess what, it still after all these years looks like new.

      Me thinks you’ll be quite surprised at this revelation if it becomes reality.

    • Josh Brown

      If you have built decks you should know about leverage. Why did you put you joist only 2′ or less apart why not 4′ apart. And why didn’t you use 5/8 fence board instead of 5/4 deck boards. As I said above, sapphire is great for watches because it is thicker and smaller. You cannot put enough force on a watch face to break it. But with phones getting thinner lighter and larger the screens need to have elasticity not hard and brittle. If you could put a microscope file of sapphire on a flexible plastic screen than you would be in business. But they haven’t gotten there yet.

  • cartfan88

    Record this, record that. Stock down over $40 after the earnings announcement. The key to reading this releases is not what the company says is a record. It’s how were revenues, margins and earnings versus expectations. And on this front…they missed.

    • wes

      They sold a hell of a lot of phones, but they lost market share in a lot of big time countries. Check GSMarena. 🙂

    • marorun1982

      And when you open up a market like China as they did how can’t you increase number? It’s an artificial way to give yourself a record.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Except that the China Mobile deal didn’t start until mid January,2014 and the quarterly reporting ended Dec. 31,2013

    • spammenotdisqus

      Right, China Mobile wouldn’t have mattered in the calculation. But each year they launch the iPhone from Week 1 in more and more countries than the previous year, giving the impression of higher per capita sales when the are likely flat/declining in each established market.

      Usually China had to wait 1-2 months after US, Canada, Australia, UK etc to get the latest iPhone. This year they had it from Day 1.

    • It’s Me

      And yet, over all, they still end up selling more, not just during launch week.

    • It’s Me

      Selling more is an artificial was to show higher numbers? Nice logic.

      And that is ignoring the fact that these results do not include the CM deal.

  • Rich

    Fascinates me to see how much money Apple and Samsung pull in.
    Also surprises me that people are still willing to pay such premiums when we’ve seen a number of great value-based phones like the Nexus line that are virtually +50% cheaper and maybe only suffer a 10-20% performance drop (if even) from top dog.

    • alphs22

      The same reason why people buy don’t only buy the cheapest cars, the cheapest clothes, the cheapest homes, etc.

    • thisiscjay

      Incorrect. It’s all about value vs. perception

    • alphs22

      You haven’t really said anything with your post. You’re suggesting that people buy strictly based on value?

    • MXH070

      It’s because the tech reviewers and media only think the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy(s) are cool trendy phones. Plus I’m pretty sure they get kick backs for good reviews and extra bonuses when they trash everything else that isn’t apple or Samsung

  • MXH070

    So if sales are so great why have they killed the 5c due to extremely poor sales. I would like to see the break down from 5s to 4 and 4s sales I betting the lion share of sales are the 4 and 4s as one can get those phones on ZERO dollars.

    • mrh192

      Apple didn’t say they will kill the iPhone 5c. That was a rumor, just like other rumors that never happened. Based off their numbers, they sold between 15-20 million iPhone 5c (analysts are assuming 22 million, which I believe is too high), as they said new channel inventory (which doesn’t include the older gen), well above the 3 million some people were quoting. What they didn’t expect was that the 5s would outsell the 5c. Most people (myself included) through the 5c would account for 70% of the new sales. They didn’t ship enough of the iPhone 5s, and it was a missed opportunity for Apple.

    • MXH070

      Well WSJ just printied it again 4 days ago that Apple will be scraping the 5c due to poor sales and releasing 1 possibly 2 iPhones later this year.

    • jroc

      WSJ has also claimed that Apple has been about to release a TV Set for the past 2 years. Don’t believe everything you read.

    • MXH070

      I can agree about can’t always not believe what you read. But talking with a few friends in the cell salesindustry and when they openly say the 4 and 4s sell more than the 5c hell even the remaining 5 are selling better than the 5c. But we all know Apple nor the apple users can admit the 5c is a utter complete flop and move on.

    • alphs22

      You’re lacking consistency.

      In one post you’re saying that Apple is scrapping the 5c due to poor sales. On another post you’re saying that Apple can’t admit that the 5c is a flop and move on – contradicting your earlier post.

      Which one is it?

    • marorun1982

      Working at at Telus store here and for each 5c sold we sold 20 5S and at least 10 mixed 4 8 gb and 4s 8 gb. Simple… It’s selling less than blackberry 10 phone..

    • kilowiko

      Smoking crack again I see. On another note, didn’t apple just sell more phones in one quarter than blackberry has in the past 5 years?!! Ha ha.

    • alphs22

      I don’t really care how it’s selling – was just pointing out that dude was contradicting himself.

    • MXH070

      The Apple iPhone 5c is a FLOP.

    • kilowiko

      Sorry man but YOU sound like a flop. Ha ha.

  • canucks4life

    Great how about fixing iTunes drivers for Windows 8.1 now…won’t recognize device since last update 🙁