Google Maps for iOS and Android integrate with Gmail for travel details, adds Christmas game Santa’s Village


Google Maps for iOS and Android have been updated with Gmail integration, allowing users to see their flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations within the Maps section of the app.

Like Google Now, integrating with Gmail lets the service trawl through relevant (but for marketing purposes, anonymized) user data, displaying travel information when the user comes within the vicinity of various landmarks. While it seems that the integration is limited to the U.S. for now, Google plans to roll it out to international users shortly.

Google has also added Santa’s Village integration to the app, a basic Santa Tracker built in HTML5. Users can play various mini-games and spend time with the big man and his elves in a cartoony, virtual environment in the run-up to Christmas.

  • EP_2012

    I’m glad Google thinks that maps is perfect enough to waste time on Santa crap. How about they add Latitude back or at least some way to view your google+ friend locations in the maps app? Or what about better handling of Offline maps (i.e. a list of areas that are saved)? Or what about Waze integration for Canadians?

    • Stuntman06

      Interesting timing. Waze just got an update yesterday.

  • ImTherious

    Wow, look at those freakin’ colours!

    People actually pay a premium for their phone OS to look like that?

  • Collin dubya

    How about the fix the clear performance issues since this new design came out.. It runs so laggy on high end phones compared to previous versions.

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