AllCast for Android streams local video content practically any set-top box


Koush’s AllCast has had a long road to this point, initially using Google’s unreleased Chromecast API to transmit local content to the company’s new $35 HDMI dongle.

Now, in light of Google’s delayed release, AllCast is being released to the Play Store in beta, able to steam local video content to one of many DLNA-compatible set-top boxes. This includes Apple TV, Roku (all gens), Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and a number of Smart TVs from Samsung, Panasonic and others.

Of course, it’s not wholly useful if you don’t store movies directly on your Android device — this is no AirPlay competitor just yet — but it’s a start.

You’ll need to join the ClockworkMod Beta Tester Community on Google+ and then become a beta tester for AllCast directly, before installing it to your device.

  • Justin Crowley

    works perfect with my DSVideo App (my synology nas)

  • Jordan

    use BubbleUPNP for a much better implementation.

    • Jordan

      I stream MKV fine to my Android, or Xbox 360 by using bubble. DLNA Server is Plex & Serviio.

  • E. R

    So I don’t need the Chromecast for this to work?

  • Zee

    Sounds like Koush is getting this ready for the inevitable Chromecast SDK release that may open up local streaming support. Can’t wait.

  • Eric Pitzul

    It’s still far from AirPlay.. Good thing Asus is releasing a Miracast dongle very soon. That will be an Airplay equivalent. Will finally be able to mirror wirelessly. No more HTPC for XBMC, ill use my tablet when this is out! They say it’s for Asus tablets only however, Miracast was added in Android 4.2, so newer devices will have access to this as well. Can’t wait to get one on my Nexus 7.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I think this is a good step though. Airplay is very limited to Apple only devices. At least this, even though its slow, will open up the opportunity for other devices. One of the cool things about Android and, more or less, open source.

  • Super_Deluxe

    My G2 ready supports DLNA natively so I won’t need this! :D

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