Maxthon inks deal with MediaTek, to pre-load its browser on select Android devices

Daniel Bader

September 6, 2013 1:43 pm

Maxthon, the popular web browser that began its life based on Internet Explorer, is attempting to dig deeper into the mobile game by preloading its Android app on select MediaTek-based smartphones.

The Chinese company announced the deal today, saying that the Android browser, which boasts high speeds and low CPU requirements, will come preloaded on 100 million MediaTek-based smartphones starting next year. MediaTek is a rival to Qualcomm and Nvidia, but tends to charge less for its parts and doesn’t try to compete on features or speed. The deal is actually through MediaTek’s “value-added services” division, RollTech, which attempts to monetize through cross-promotional agreements such as this.

Manufacturers taking part in the project include LG, ZTE and Lenovo, and while the agreement presents a big win for both companies in Asia, Russia and parts of South America, it may come to bear that MediaTek-based devices in Canada see the integration as well. Recently-released Asus tablets, such as the MeMO Pad 7 HD, are based on MediaTek’s quad-core chips, for example.


  • Rich

    This was such a great browser on Windows back in the day, but it was more-so a layer on top of Internet Explorer which obviously had its faults.

  • IJustGotaTan

    Must be a slow news day.