Samsung opens Ontario’s first walk-in Customer Service Centre in Mississauga

Daniel Bader

June 18, 2013 8:56pm


In the battle for retail dominance, Samsung understands it is at a huge disadvantage next to Apple’s well-oiled customer service machine. With 27 stores across Canada, the Cupertino-based giant offers walk-in “Genius” service to anyone, and repairs thousands of iPhones a year under warranty.

With Samsung’s rise to smartphone stardom in the last three years, the Korean company understood it needed to expand its physical presence in countries like Canada to avoid relying entirely on its carrier partners. Today, Samsung has opened its first Ontario-based walk-in customer service centre, located at the Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga.

Samsung Canada’s Director of Service, Frank Martino said, “Our Canadian consumers are telling us they want a direct relationship with the manufacturers creating the devices they can’t live without. Our walk-in service centres are an extension of our commitment to customer service excellence.”

The location will offer one-hour repair service and warranty support for all Samsung products, including phones and tablets. The one-hour repair is done at no extra charge, too, which is quite impressive.

Samsung also offers walk-in service centres in Montreal and Vancouver, as well as a retail location in Burnaby, B.C. The company wouldn’t say whether it will be opening a retail store in Ontario, but based on the way Samsung’s profile in Canada is headed, we wouldn’t be surprised to see one in the next couple of years.

  • silver_arrow

    I remember taking my Samsung into the store in Metrotown and they said they could only help me if the device was bought from the store. Yet when I had my iPhone you just walk in and they help you no questions asked.

    • vimmy2492

      probably because when you buy an iPhone, it is not modified by a carrier I believe. For an iPhone it doesn’t matter if you buy from Source or FutureShop or Apple Store or from your carrier’s website. But carriers and middle people often add / change some stuff in Android mobile.

    • silver_arrow

      The phone was a Galaxy Nexus so no carrier modifications. And the Samsung store sells the various carrier devices

    • onkyo

      Now I don’t know what kind of help silver_arrow requires of Samsung on his device. But I have never heard of manufacturer warranty being voided because of carrier customizations, because that is what you (vimmy2492) is implying here, if I understand your comment correctly. Moreover, silver_arrow said he was refused because it was not bought at the store, he didn’t say he was refused b/c the device was a carrier branded device.

    • Ironhide Delta

      Was the phone rooted? Altered? Physically damaged? That would be the only reason they might not help you. They service Samsung mobile product from any carrier. Regardless of where you bought it.

    • silver_arrow

      Nope complete stock they said they could only help if i bought it from them.

  • mouser

    Heh was wondering what this was about, I spotted this place while driving home the other day.

  • Jon

    Once one is in Toronto and all will be well. I know for a fact customers in Toronto will not drive or take transit to Mississauga for customer service and will solely rely on carriers to handle their issues.

    • WDPK 83.7 FM

      Their head office is located in Mississauga so it makes sense for their first location in Ontario to open there. Nonetheless, I’m sure true Android fans would want proper service for their $600+ device and would endure the commute.

    • Jon

      Ya your right now that I think about it. It might just be the customers I run into who don’t want to commute haha I definitely would go for service and to actually just check it out.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      “I’m sure true Android fans would want proper service for their $600+ device …”

      …and fix issues with it themselves. As I do, or various devs and “Android fans” would. Oh.. wait, are you talking about pro-sumers? As consumers would just all up their carrier or go out and buy another phone.

    • WDPK 83.7 FM

      Oh, you got me! Not all Android fans are developers or have the technical-savvyness to handle issues themselves. Yes, it can be argued that Android fans are knowledgeable enough to Google a fix but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would ignore the idea of FREE SERVICE for their phone. Also, not all service needs are software related and can’t be fixed with a simple software update.

      But obviously I can’t speak for ALL fans but free service is free service, regardless of what kind of consumer you are. And if you’re the type to not embrace that, free service within a consumer-seller relationship, you’re only screwing yourself.

    • Tom

      DIY is generally limited to software issues (i.e. unbrick tools, rooting to remove bloatware, etc).

      Most tech savvy people I know including myself are incapable of fixing hardware issues (i.e. cracked screen, misaligned sensor, etc) for a tiny device that has no easy-to-remove screws.

  • MegaGeek

    Awesome. Maybe Samsung can root my bloated a*s GS4 with vanilla android.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    COOL!! Now SAMSUNG open a Retail Store too as soon as possible
    So I don’t have to deal with TELUS to buy an GS4 outright bec their stupid
    Policy won’t sell a new phone outright bec of limited quantity. I WANNA BUY GS4

    • ineptone

      You must be dealing with the wrong people at your TELUS store(s) because I purchased an S3 outright from TELUS last year after the device had only been available for two and a half weeks.

    • Lakh Jhajj

      Which TELUS Store you went to and bought S3 outright. I went to Heartland and Square One location. Both denied to cell outright.
      Don’t forget GS4 is more hyped than gs3 was at the initial stages of release.

    • ineptone

      I agree there was/is more hype surrounding the S4, but the S3 was equally hard to come by. It took the two and a half weeks after release just for me to find one, in any carrier store. As for where I purchased my S3, it was sold to me at the first random TELUS store I walked into at the local mall in Windsor, ON. The rep even smiled while he called in to get me the unlock code – I like unlocking my phones for travel purposes.

  • scythenoire

    When you have a defective phone, it’s an absolute pain the butt to deal with the carriers. They don’t want to help you at all. But trying to deal with the manufacturers is no better, because none of them have any help centres anywhere. They all need these, and need to cut out the useless carriers. I’ve had multiple defective Nokia Lumia 920s and neither Rogers nor Nokia will do anything about it. They are both pointing figures at the other. Apple is the only one doing things right, and I’m not an Apple fan, but they are driving me to start using Apple products if they keep it up.

    • LeafsFanGirl

      I’m with Rogers and whenever my phones were deemed defective, Rogers always offered me a refurb device. I always call their tech support dept and never deal with their stores. This is one of the reasons why I stay with Rogers because they’re the only carrier who will send you a refurb replacement rather than sending the phone out for repairs.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      That was back in the day “smartphone” repair. You’d call in, run through with their tech support for the supposed issue and they’d send you a refurbished model with packaging to send back the old one. Turn-around time ~3 days.

      Actually, I shouldn’t say “back in the day” as I don’t know what their policy is now or how far it has changed. All I know is that they offer to send smartphones off to get repaired now too..which is sucky because you have to use those loaner phone pieces of junk. Just replace the phones with a refurb one RoBelUs in store – on the spot. Verizon has this right, why don’t you?

      ” rather than sending the phone out for repairs.”

      How long has it been since you used this program. Things have changed over the last couple years…

    • LeafsFanGirl

      Since you’re unsure if Rogers still offer refurbs, clearly you’re not with Rogers anymore. This is how great their tech support is. I had an issue with my iPhone 5. They tried to troubleshoot it but I still had the same issue. They told me to go to the Apple Store to get my phone replaced. I met with a “genius” who immediately blamed Rogers for the issue. It was an LTE issue. The genius wasn’t friendly. He said he will do a diagnostic on my phone but I never got a report. The whole experience was a joke. So I left the store, called Rogers later that evening. Rogers was mad at that store and felt really bad for me and offered to send me a replacement. So yes, Rogers still send out refurbs.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      “When you have a defective phone, it’s an absolute pain the butt to deal with the carriers…trying to deal with the manufacturers is no better, ”

      Remember a few years back when the SGS first came out? All the carriers had their own versions, this story is about the i9000m. Around December Samsung/Bell rolled out with an update – which bricked mine and numerous other people’s phones. Bell did not help saying it was a Samsung issue and that I should talk to them. Samsung said it was a Bell issue and I should deal with them. Both sides had completely useless tech support. The phones were toast and nobody would help “under warranty”.

      I’ve had iPhones too. It didn’t matter if I bought it from a store, or second hand from a person, as long as it was under warranty they’d repair/swap it.

      Basically I’m agreeing with you.

      However, instead of relying on manufacturers and resellers to fix problems (as they should) I’ve learned how to fix the issues myself. …except that first SGS, that one I’m still stumped about to this day. But I load updates on them myself now, no more “official” carrier/manufacturer updates.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Samsung (cellular) over the phone customer service/tech support is useless. How will a having a store, with people in person, be any different?

  • Tom

    How about an outlet to sell unlocked phones directly without any carrier branding? It’s a popular way to buy phones in Europe and Asia.

    • Lakh Jhajj

      EXACTLY!! That’s the way it should be. As I mentioned in my earlier comment.

  • ineptone

    Great, so now you have a place to receive terrible and uneducated customer service/tech support in person.

  • Copycat

    Looks like an apple store. Yay.