Google now activating 1.5 million Android devices per day

Daniel Bader

April 16, 2013 10:37am

xperiazlreview-30Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has confirmed to the press that the company is activating 1.5 million Android devices every day. That insanely high number speaks to the huge growth of the platform in developing nations  in addition to existing markets like North America. With flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming soon, this year looks to further catalyze Android’s lead over iOS in the global market share race.

Schmidt made these remarks during All Things D’s Dive Into Mobile conference, where he stated that Android has 700,000 apps available. The number of activations has ticked up slightly from 1.3 million earlier this year and 1.4 million last month, though the percentage increase appears to be plateauing.

The vocal CEO also stated he believes there will be one billion Android phones in the world by the end of the year, up from a projected 750 million stated some time ago.

Source: Engadget

  • Mobile Nerdy

    ummm..yeah..he’s not the CEO – Sergy is

    • Netguru

      Larry Page is CEO. @jax is correct.

  • Mobile Nerdy

    Ummm yeah…Eric is not the CEO – Sergy is!

    My bad, I meant to say Page…

    • jax

      Uh, no. Sergey is an executive member with the title of Co-Founder. Schmidt is the executive chairman. Page is the CEO.

      *edited for spelling*

  • Ronell  I.T. Man

    Clueless to how’s that possible. But then again even the lowest end phones run android too now.
    You could call it the basic OS for phones today

  • mediaphage

    Yeah, you really need to fix this – Page is the CEO, Schmidt is the chairman of the board.

  • Zed

    The thing is, Android hasn’t even penetrated the really low end phone market, the granny phone, the flip, easy to use phone. I can already see properly customized for that type of phones, totally phasing out the relics sold right now.