Nokia Lumia 920 Trounces Galaxy S4 In Video Stabilization Tests

Daniel Bader

April 5, 2013 6:00pm

The new hotness may be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, but despite a massive 5-inch screen and 13 megapixel camera sensor, the device lacks one important feature: optical image stabilization. This disparity to Nokia’s flagship Lumia 920 was tested by the folks at and as you would expect, the proprietors know their home court advantage.

Both devices were fastened to a remote-control car and towed around on an office floor, but only one, the Lumia, stays calm and collected throughout the process. The Galaxy S4 looks like its experiencing tiny tremors throughout the entire ride, exposing the limitations of non-stabilized mobile camera sensors for video capture.

While by no means a definitive test, it certainly shows just how far ahead the Lumia is from the rest of the market when it comes to optical image stabilization. The ultimate test will be to compare it to the HTC One, which also offers OIS on its Ultrapixel sensor.

Source: YouTube
Via: WPCentral

  • LarsFromMars

    Well I guess it’s only fair to let a Lumia win *one* test…

    Anybody want to place bets on who wins the “total units sold” test?

  • Sanjay Saini

    Funny thing is why you would care about sales, I mean isn’t that something that corporations worry about??

    • LarsFromMars

      …and shareholders

  • Andrew Brown

    No that is just pure Marxism sheep flock doesn’t mean the field is better!

    • LarsFromMars

      I’m reluctant to respond to such a late, lame troll, but your analogy is just terrible. Consumers buying smartphones is a great example of open, free market economics.

  • Andrew Brown

    Actually many reviews had the Lumia 920 beating the S3!

  • Parm

    920 is a great phone but image stabilisation won’t make for lacking apps. Just ask Gartner, even Blackberry outsold WP8 last quarter.