Facebook for iOS with video recording and improvements to Nearby tab

Daniel Bader

January 28, 2013 5:57pm

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Facebook has updated its iOS app to include native video sharing only days after Twitter released its own video-native app, Vine.

Facebook users can now record and post video to the Timeline, though there is no emphasis on short bursts of creativity (or porn) like you’d find on Vine. Instead, Facebook is merely ensuring it does not get left behind in the feature department, as users can now post photos, video, voice and text within the same app.

To that end, Facebook has migrated its voice memo feature from Messenger to the app itself as it did last week with the Android version, and the company has also improved the look and relevance of its Nearby listings, as conveyed above.

Download Facebook for iOS.

Via: The Verge

  • Crank

    Why doesn’t Facebook just integrate all its iOS Apps? They have (at least!) five separate apps with overlapping feature sets.

  • trevor

    BREAKING NEWS!!!… best buy will be selling the nexus 4 early february for about $600.

  • S2556

    Why would I use the facebook camera or video app when I have a much better one that came with my phone?!?!?!?!