PC Financial to launch a mobile banking app “in the upcoming months”

Ian Hardy

November 8, 2012 5:16pm

While some Canadian banking institutions are already plugging away at mobile payments, PC Financial is wrestling with launching a mobile app. The Loblaws driven financial service, provided by CIBC, has approximately 2.3 million customers and some people have been requesting an app for months. Having a mobile banking app is basically standard these days. Offering simple features like checking account status, transfer funds, find ATM’s or contacting the closest branch makes the banking experience a more pleasant one. However, PC took to Facebook and communicated to their clients that they’re making great headway in launching an app “in the upcoming months,” which still makes it eons away.

“At President’s Choice Financial, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service, while making everyday banking simple and better for Canadians. While we have not yet launched a mobile banking app, we can promise you we are making great strides to roll out this application in the upcoming months.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers – we do hear you, and we know providing a PC Financial mobile app is long overdue. Be assured that we’re working diligently to develop an app that meets the unique needs of our customers—those of you who rely on us for no-catch, no fee banking, including full functionality across a number of platforms and devices.

With new, cutting-edge technologies coming onto the market daily, our development team is working to ensure this app provides the very best experience possible for you, our valued customers.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.

In addition, no indication of what platforms they’re working. Hopefully when they do launch they’ll make it available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Would also be cool if they developed an app for The Mobile Shop that gave latest deals, promos, and closest location.

Source: Facebook
(Thanks Skullan!)

  • Nick

    It’s about effin time….now for them to get Visa/MC debit cards and they are a real bank again. I stopped using them because of both reasons.

    • Sid

      It’s a no-fee bank, calm down. If you want to pay other banks to make money off of your money, that’s your choice.


      Is RIM DEAD YET!??!!?!?!




    • StanLee

      A “no-fee bank”? What do you call 20% interest on the MC? My Scotia VISA is at 3%.

    • MattyMattMatt

      Stan: What sort of i***t actually lets debt accumulate on a CC? Personally I cannot wait for an app, though really, I dont need it, just use the browser.

    • DonDod

      MattyMattMatt, must be nice to be so perfect and call people names. Stick to the topic and try not to be an a*s.

    • George K

      I actually opened a CIBC account when they got their visa debit cards. Thought it was awesome for someone like me who doesn’t want a CC but likes to order things online.

      Unfortunately the card was totally useless. Most places didn’t accept it. Not Amazon, not iTunes, not Zune. It quickly became obvious that it was pretty much useless.

  • Wes

    is it Tuesday yet?! I’m so eager to order my N4!!!!!

    • Plan Shopper

      Just over 102 hrs EST till we get to order. OHHHH YAAAA!

  • Plan Shopper

    I too say FINALLY. I’ve been with them since the days of free dial up internet provided by President’s Choice (anyone else remember those days?). I’ve been wanting an app from them for a while.

    Something tells me it is going to look an aweful lot like the CIBC mobile app. Just a hunch.

  • Doaidi Bin Faid

    Thank Allah it is being made.Very hard to band from my brand new shiny nice iPhone 1.Need a very good banking app to have money in account.Work very hard for money.Came to canada from pakistan to become mcdonalds worker.Very good job.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Like they said about StarCraft 2: “It’s about f***ing time!”

    People have been requesting this for years! Not just months.

  • kspraydad

    They don’t have an app? A ‘virtual’ bank with basically no branches and they don’t have an app in 2012?


  • shaker

    best on~line bank just getting better.

  • Cam C

    Looking forward to it. Will be more convenient than having to do it manually through my phones browser or firefox. Of course I wasn’t too upset. It is a free service anyway so….you get what you pay for….or not in this situation. This is just a nice bonus.

  • Matthew Welke

    Was just thinking about this as I logged in to check my bank from my phone’s browser. Awesome!

  • BreathLess

    Yep about time. Seeing as how they are a basically a virtual bank with no tellers they should have had an app from the start.

    I switched with them this year and I’m glad I did. Saving a bunch of money with no fee’s and I’ve gotten used to banking online that I don’t need tellers. Plus you can always use any CIBC bank machine.

  • Matthew

    it has always puzzled me that a bank that prides itself on having now bricks and mortar locations to allow it to provide quick and flexible banking for customer was one of the last banks to have a mobile app.

    this is good news for me as i bank with PC. if you need a beta tester for the windows phone version Galen, I am your man!!

  • Matthew

    it has always puzzled me that a bank that prides itself on having no bricks and mortar locations to allow it to provide quick and flexible banking for customers was one of the last banks to have a mobile app.

    this is good news for me as i bank with PC. if you need a beta tester for the windows phone version Galen, I am your man!!

  • Warren

    Been using MINT for my PC Debit and MC to view my accounts. But yea, it’s about time they made an app

  • Allan

    ING Direct is a virtual bank that has an excellent mobile app. I’m rather shocked that PCF doesn’t have one!

  • ice24

    They better do it right since they’re years late already.

  • Wilbour

    Finally! I tried using the wesite on my phone but between resizing and moving the screens I gave up! You must zoom in so much to click a button that you cannot see the data you are entering. Anything would be better

  • Jeremy

    Being that all of the info I need is online anyway, and it doesn’t need super high performance, I really don’t need an app. I just want a better experience in a mobile browser.

    If they focused on that instead, it would help on all platforms rather than just one or two (doubt they’ll launch with 4 off the top… almost no apps do that).

    A link from my home screen would be fine to access a decent mobile web app.

  • X_X_X

    tomorrow is strap on saturday at all apple store locations

  • mike

    It’ll come to Android first. Cause Android is the most popular of all the operating systems out there. I wouldn’t see them wasting money on blackberry cause blackberry 10 is way to far down therm road to launch. And they would definitely never waste money on windows phone, cause no one buys windows phones not popular enough. Android first. Then it’ll go to ios months later.

  • George K

    I’d be fine with just a mobile layout for there website. Surely that could have been done long ago with minimal effort since tweaking CSS doesn’t affect security (I’m assuming keeping the security tight is the biggest challenge when designing the app).

  • Ohornish

    Thumb up if you time to time searched for PCF app in App Store.

  • Smokey

    It’s out as of today!!!

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