TELUS to launch the Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE at the “end of October”

Ian Hardy

October 13, 2012 2:24pm

Looks like TELUS might actually beat Bell to the punch and release the Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE a few days earlier. Just this morning we posted news that Bell would launch the rugged Rugby LTE on November 1st, but according to this internal doc TELUS will start selling the Android Ice Cream Sandwich device in October, specifically at the “end of October.” We’re also hearing the no-term pricing will be around the $450-$500 mark.

We’ll have more details soon.
(Thanks tipster!)



  • exTemp

    who cares

  • Dylan K

    Will this be an up to date Rugby device? For a $500 no term price tag I expect Jelly Bean on it eventually, and coming preloaded with ICS. The last one was build on hardware and software far too old.

  • Adam

    “Looks like TELLUS might actually beat Bell to the punch ”

    What company is ‘TELLUS’?

    • EvanKr

      TELL US more about this new company.

  • Richard

    We want an S3 Rugby, Note 2 Rugby. Not a lowered spec version. Same spec but bigger battery, tougher and waterproof but not a lower spec version. Look at pick up trucks. They used to be bare bones but now they’re as luxurious as any vehicle in the brand they represent. GMC 3/4 ton denali w/duramax diesel. People who work rugged jobs probably in a lot of cases ( I know in my case) make more money than pencil pushers in suits and demand rugged luxury.

  • James

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