Apex Launcher beta for Android brings Jelly Bean features to ICS devices

Daniel Bader

August 7, 2012 5:10pm

A new beta version of Apex Launcher for Android brings many features from Jelly Bean to Ice Cream Sandwich devices. The new code, based on the official launcher from the Android Open Source Project, allows users to displace icons and widgets by moving them atop one another, as well as remove icons from the screen by “flinging” them off the map.

All told, the features put the launcher ahead of Nova, which is its biggest challenger in the Android 4.0+ game. I also noticed that, perhaps due to “Project Butter” enhancements, scrolling through various home screens is slightly smoother than Nova.

Due to the Nexus 7 being a part of AOSP, Apex now adds a native 7-inch tablet layout to the mix. This overrides the stock launcher, so if you’re running it on a 7-inch Acer A100, for example, it will make the device look a bit more like the Nexus 7 (and less like Honeycomb).

If you’re already using Apex Launcher, head into Settings and About, and change Automatically check for updates to “Beta version.”

Head to Google Play to download Apex Launcher, which is free with a optional $3.99 Pro Version for extra features.

A full changelog is below:

– When placing widgets on the screen, everything else automatically moves to make room
– When they are too big, widgets resize on their own to fit on the homescreen
– Quickly remove apps/widgets by flinging them to the edge of the homescreen
– Major performance boost for homescreen and drawer
– New app enter/exit animations (JB only)
– Switched to phone layout on 7″ tablets (e.g., Nexus 7)
– Added background for widgets in the drawer
– Fixed icon ordering bug within folders

Source: Google Play
Via: Phandroid

  • Not Brainwashed by Apple Guy

    Yeah, customizing computers and phones and stuff is just so confusing and weird! Ugh! It’s hard enough to choose a ringtone without paying Apple!


    • PkaTka

      What does this article have to do anything with apple? Youre right. Youre not brainwashed by apple, but by google. Stop the hate.

  • Nib

    I think/hope he was being sarcastic.

  • EddieWinslow

    Have been using Nova for a while now on my SGS3, Will be downloading this right MEOW to try out.

  • kris

    apples ios launcher includes revolutionary features such as right,left and folders

    these are the types of features that change the industry guys

    • PkaTka

      @kris wasn’t it google that copied the left and right and folder thing from apple? As for as I remember, to create on my android I had to create a folder first and then drag icons into it, just like windows.

  • sam

    Some inaccuracies with this article. Nova Launcher had a Jelly Bean beta before Apex did. Apex’ beta doesn’t put them ahead of Nova Launcher, it actually puts them on par.

    • alexrobot

      I’ll also put in two cents in favor of Nova launcher:
      On my S3, it’s helluva lot smoother and faster, even when not set to the medium speed setting.

      Dunno why Apex runs slow/clunky on my hardware, even the beta stutters when I transition screens. Do I have to set the option to keep Apex in memory? What does this do?

  • jpbaril

    Still waiting for folders in App drawer…