Skype for Android downloaded 70 million times, works on nearly 1,400 devices

Daniel Bader

June 25, 2012 1:09pm

If there’s an example of an Android app that has iterated at an astounding speed, Skype would be a front-runner in many eyes. After debuting in October 2010, the app initially didn’t do much — users were limited to calls over WiFi and video calling was a pipe dream.

By July 2011, the app had video calling but it was only compatible with a handful of devices. Today, 3G and video calls are available on nearly 1,400 devices and the app has been downloaded over 70 million times from Google Play.

The top nine devices account for 25% of the total usage, with the Galaxy S II making up 8% of the entire user base. Indeed, Samsung dominates the top of the charts at 20%, with HTC making up the rest. And despite Microsoft’s purchase of the company, development hasn’t slowed down at at all, as Skype releases regular bug fix updates for the platform.

Check after the break for the full infographic, it’s pretty interesting.

Source: Skype
Via: TNW

  • Tom

    I guess the reason we aren’t on the list of top Skype countries is because there is no Skype-In in Canada.

    The incumbent carriers continue to stop CRTC from allowing foreign countries to allocate phone numbers – so no Skype-In or Google Voice for us.

    • Gimp

      will bb10 support?

    • Dave

      @Gimp: Would you think RIM is that smart? That’s why they’re going belly up.

  • Billy Bob

    If Microsoft was smart they would only allow Skype for Windows Phone 8.

    • Michael

      Not smart,
      It would severely limit the amount of users, and probably start a few lawsuits.

      Why doesn’t google only offer it’s apps on Android?

    • Pac

      Yes, they’ll want it for everyone so that it stays a dominant platform and get lock-in. Then they’ll make it marginally better for Windows Phone 8, either by releasing improvements there first, or offering better fucntionality etc.., then gradually pull users over.

    • Pat

      MS is smart, by offering Skype to the competition. And if they did not, the competition would develop a better product.

  • rim?

    will this work on legacy devices like 9900 bold?

    • Dave

      Would you think RIM is that smart? That’s why they’re going to hell.

  • Mathieu

    99% of all Android devices ship with Google Talk Video so I’m pretty sure Skype is NOT “The most popular video calling application on Android”

    • Pat

      Where I work, everybody has an unlockecked Samsung mobile, and uses Skype on it. It seems that there is no better combination at the moment, for making cheap, or free calls.

  • ace

    NEXUS ONE!!!!!!!!