Flixel for iPhone makes your photos dance, move and come alive

Daniel Bader

March 20, 2012 8:11pm

Flixel is really, really fun. That’s what it comes down to. What Instagram is for static photos+filters, Flixel is for living photos.

Now, there’s a fine line between video, animated GIFs and static photos, and Flixel manages to tow it pretty well. At its core, the app lets you take a series of photos and animate them. The beauty comes from being able to define where in the series you want the movement to be. One of my favourite examples is this one, of a moving subway train where everything else around it is static. It is stunning in its simplicity and its emotional power.

By “painting” the photo series in certain ways, your live photos take on a personality of their own. You can loop them forward or backwards, apply pre-defined aesthetic filters (think B&W, Lomo, Pro, etc.), and even insert delays for added effect.

The app is deep, with lots of opportunity for unique customizations, but it emphasizes simplicity. Designed by Toronto-based dev house endloop, creators of fantastic iOS apps iMockups for iPad and Arcade Solitaire 2, the team is familiar with the iOS design philosophy of making complicated apps appear simple.

Like Instagram, you can share your Flixels with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter, as well as follow your favourite amateur Flixographers inside the app. Endloop says that an Android version is in the works, but wouldn’t comment on a release date.

Check out Flixel in the App Store, and hit the break for a very cool demo video.

  • Wonggg


    But is it available on android? :O

  • Peter

    Cue the iPhone haters.

  • Keith

    Thanks for link–that is a cool tool. The iPhone app is too and presumably they or someone will bring it to Windows Phone soon enough.

  • Mathieu

    You should at least mention Cinemagr.am, an iOS app that does the same. Built in Montreal!

    • qwertywebs

      not as user friendly, but still cool.

  • zzZZzz

    Nice little app, I’ll get it when released on other platforms.

  • zzZZzz

    PS .. 23min, 8% battery drop (extrapolation 287.5min, or 4.8hrs to drain battery)

  • Courtney Pringle

    Very neat app. I have tried a couple of similar ones over the past few weeks and Flixel offers the best balance between ease of use and end result. Creating them is really fun. You just scratch areas of your Flixel where you want movement to appear and watch as your photo comes to life.

  • Charlie Gammon

    Too much hype for a mediocre product … not a fan .

  • Peacenik

    Knock off of Cinemagram!