Google+ for Android updated with mobile Hangouts, Messenger improvements

Daniel Bader

September 20, 2011 12:48pm

Google+ has officially launched to the public today, and with it has come a number of important improvements to both the desktop and mobile versions. An API has been released for the Hangouts feature, which allows users to start a video stream that others can join and interact with. This will bring third-party support for the Hangouts, allowing application developers to integrate the feature in their products.

Perhaps more importantly, the video sharing service has been integrated into the official Google+ Android app, with an iOS update coming soon. Like Skype or FaceTime which allows desktop-to-mobile interaction, you can join a desktop friend’s Hangout over 3G or WiFi (though you need a pretty beefy upstream speed to support it over 3G).

Further improvements to the Android app include moving it to the SD card to save space and further stream customization options. Huddle has officially been replaced with Messenger, a more appropriate name perhaps to compete with Facebook’s dedicated Messenger mobile application.

The Hangouts feature is only available to devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and have a front-facing camera, but luckily that includes the majority of Canadian phones released in the last year.

You can grab the update in the Android Marketplace.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

  • Stuntman

    It’s about time.

    By the way, the headline should be, “Google+ Officially Launches”.

  • KidCanada

    Google plus = Facebook “swacker” (swagger jacker)

  • Habiboobi


  • Vincent

    I cannot see the update on my Galaxy S2 (Bell)

  • dan

    Wow, google is reinventing the wheel. Oh wait, all of this has been done.. years ago.

  • hinds

    I cannot see it either

  • Shagmire

    Sweet! My Galaxy S2 updated! Looks sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Tim

    None of my devices are updating and the link on this article brings up the app with Huddle in the screenshot not Messenger.

  • Tim

    No mobile Hangout on my Xoom? Does it not support honeycomb devices?

  • Jay

    G+ just got….AWSUMR!!!

  • Vineet

    Where do i get the invite from to access Google(+)Plus ???

    • GT

      Google+ is no longer beta. No need for an invite.

  • Dizz

    Got the update, but I don’t see you Hangout anywhere. Can you START a hangout from the phone? Maybe you can only join an existing hangout from the phone? I dunno, but right now, I don’t see anything re: hangout in there.

    • walt

      no way of starting a hangout from mobile device. You can only join.

  • ramir

    i don’t see the hangout on my G+ also on my GS2

    • Dizz

      I have the GS2 as well. I know you can JOIN a hangout from the phone, but it appears to me that you can’t start one

  • ramir

    hangout would be one of the best features for android users on Google+, something that would really compete with facetime for IOS and would be far more superior too!

  • Sean

    Does facetime really need competition? Wasn’t it dead in the water with Skype working on everything?

    • Nick

      Or Google Talk, for that matter :P.

      I love video calling on Google Talk, works like a charm and doesn’t use a ridiculous amount of data either.

  • todd

    that girl in the picture is so dam ugly, specially with those huge eye brows, ugly, made me throw up in my mouth

  • W B

    I like Google+ , but they still need to polish some basic functions. When I’m sharing and commenting on a web link from my mobile, I copy and paste the link to my Stream, but Google does not automatically add the thumbnail photos. I have to log on to the desktop web version in order to show the link properly with a thumbnail.

  • Slype


    hahahaha – Facetime. Thanks for the morning laugh.

    Everyone I know uses Skype (even iPhone fans) since it is not a proprietary and phonecentric technology. Skype (even though it’s been bloated recently thanks to Facebook and Microsoft) is still a sweet app.