App Store reaches 10 billion downloaded apps

Kate O'Brien

January 22, 2011 8:52am

Apple has passed the 10 billion app download milestone. Simply a huge number considering the App Store only opened in July of 2008. Wonder how long it will take Windows Marketplace, Google’s Android Market or HP/Palm App Catalog to get there…

Source: Apple

  • YMBz

    Cool ,, lol

  • Machzy

    Aren’t you wondering about RIM’s Appworld?!

    • Steve

      RIM’s Super Apps campaign = RIM’s ‘Distortion Field’. It makes me laugh every time I see their commercials. It’s the very reason why I left BlackBerry after 7 straight years. RIM using ‘Super Apps’ is like a Civic driver putting ‘Type-R’ badges on and telling himself the car drives better. What a joke…

  • Jordan

    I didn’t know Angry Birds was downloaded 10 billion times!