Amazon Kindle app now available for Windows Phone 7 devices

Kate O'Brien

January 5, 2011 7:09am

If you have one of the new Windows Phone 7 devices and are an avid reader then you’ll be thrilled that the Amazon Kindle app is finally available. The app is free and you can search over 750,000 books (read the first chapter before buying titles), view in either portrait or landscape mode, sync the last page you’ve read, choose font size and colour, bookmark plus the ability to make notes.

Check it out here MarketPlace Broswer
Via: WPCentral

  • JAWG

    Woohoo now I can read my picture books on my phone!!!!

  • jonesy1966

    Got the Kobo app on my BB, synced to my laptop. It’s not bad for short distance travelling, but I do much prefer the reader itself for anything longer than that.

  • ken

    Not available in Canada. At least I could not find it. Not surprised as I cannot order a Kindle off of or get digital books there either.

    • Dave

      Try searching Amazon Kindle and see if that works. I’m in Canada and downloaded it….however I may have mistakenly given an American address when i setup my original account. 😉


  • ken

    I did find it by chance. Just have to go to new apps section and scroll down. Could not find it by searching kindle or amazon. Downloaded a couple of books (free classics). App looks great.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Very nicely done. This is by far the nicest Kindle reader version for any phone. Well integrated with the Metro UX. Kudos to Amazon.

  • Jessie

    Looks great on the Metro UX. The Metro UX is so much better then what’s being done… even Palm OS can’t compare.

  • Rachelle

    Can’t fine this in new apps anymore…what’s it called exactly? I’ve searched for Kindle and Amazon, nothing…I am in canada