Rounding out the Big 3… “Yes, Bell will launch iPhone 4 in coming weeks”

Kate O'Brien

June 7, 2010 5:13pm

After TELUS and Rogers announced they will officially release the iPhone 4… Bell sent us an e-mail stating that “Yes, Bell will launch iPhone 4 in coming weeks. We will make more information available soon.”

No other details… but it’s “coming soon”. We just wish we made the June 24th cut but have to settle for July.

  • Eric

    Yay! This means Virgin Mobile too, right?

  • Erik

    Good, no exclusivity crap

  • JC

    Great..I can’t wait for I-4

  • Bluetooth

    Sony Erricson

  • hallmark

    Enjoy iAd morons.

  • homan

    Iphone is overrated

  • Ali

    the only telco company wose than ROBBERS is Bell.. atleast robbers is open late!

  • Michael Schmid

    iphone isn’t a jesus phone but it’s solid and this release looks like it’s finally matured. I want one.

  • Roger Strong

    Telus users in Manitoba should get two of these things. Telus’s network doesn’t offer 1x data here, let alone HSPA, but you can send smoke signals from a fire created with two iPhone 4’s and the “bang the rocks together” trick.

  • yidnek

    how can i get iphone 4 carrier to activate