WIND to launch Bold 9700, HTC Snap & Huawei U8220?


October 14, 2009 8:31am

It was last week that we sat down with WIND Mobile for an interview to discuss what their potential customers would experience. We stated “At launch (targeted November/December) they will have six devices available in which some will be Data devices; they will launch first in Calgary and Toronto and at their stores they will have no cash desks “or any barriers with the customer… a completely digital environment”…In addition, when it comes to price plans they are looking to offer only 3 different plans which to them is “2 more than we’d need”.

News comes today in the form of a rumour of some possible devices and price plans. Here is what has surfaced today, WIND Mobile will have:
– No contracts
– No System Access Fee
– No Caller ID or Voice Mail fees
– No in province Long Distance (i.e. calling anywhere in your province should be a local call)
– There will only be 3 rate plans to start
– BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Snap/Dash 3G & Huawei U8220
– There will also be a Samsung slider with a full slide out keyboard
– All stores will have Microsoft Surface (see video)

Sounds promising… The truth will eventually unfold but just remember when the leaked slides of the entire lineup was put online, this ended up being fake. We have reached out to our contacts to find out more.

Via: TMN

  • Clay S

    a friend of mine is a store manager for a retail wind store, she told me they will be launching with a “new” blackberry, but couldn’t tell me what one.

  • nadim

    I’d like to see pricing first….. I thought they would have got ridden of all LD i guess not hmm

    • Chops

      All I can say is “in province LD” is better than any other carrier is currently providing. Other companies charge an arm and a leg for unlimited LD.
      Most of my LD calling is within Ontario, where I live.
      I am more than happy with Wind’s decision. Can’t wait for an official release!

  • Denis M.

    Hmm the Huawei U8220 as a launch device, that would be interesting.

    That Android phone looks pretty interesting.

  • Denis M.

    Also sorry for double post but it would be nice if they picked up the HTC Touch HD2 that looks like is heading to T-Mobile US which like WIND has the AWS bands.

  • Scott

    I’m hoping they add the Nokia N900 before they launch in Edmonton. Then again if they’re plans live up to the hype then I’ll just choose whichever phone I like the best from their lineup.

  • Kirk n

    I’m interested to see how they are going to offer smartphones without contracts. If it’s going to be to buy them and full list price i’m not seeing much value.

  • mohsen c

    hi will they be coming to vacouver or just to Toronto and edmonton?

  • Kmusky

    Calgary and Toronto to start, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver shortly after.

    Looks like DAVE and Wind will be launching here in Edmonton about the same time. Good for us!

  • Angelo Cerase


    Good to know that Wind is going to offer a variety of Smartphone OSes.

    Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile to start – STILL WAITING FOR THE PALM PRE!!!