The price of Xbox Live is going up to $69 in Canada


  • Legellan

    I don’t remember the price going down when the CAD was at par with USD…… MS just being a good corporate citizen again

    • MassDeduction

      When the currencies were close to par, Microsoft raised the price in the U.S. but left it alone in Canada. So that effectively was them treating us right. Plus, this increase is far lower than the exchange rate would dictate, it’s going up $10 but the exchange rate suggests it should go up $20.

    • clyde

      Great comment

    • hardy83

      Funny thing is that prices in most countries is more largely based on what consumers are willing to pay than what is a fair translation of exchange rates.

      You could go to a poorer country and find the same stuff for pennies compared to what we pay here. US consumers are more competitive in their attempts at finding a bargain. We Canadians in large, are apparently okay with terrible pricing at retail and online.

  • Rev0lver

    Love the image!

  • stephen

    So are we going to see equal service for Canadians then?

  • Jason

    So does that mean we can get some better Games With Gold

    • Tony Tone

      I would hope so, lately the games have been weak

    • If it’s anything like PSN, you will pay more for a little bit less. The PS3 to date still offered the best bang for your buck with PSN.

  • Blayne Langille

    Glad I moved to PC.

  • デリック

    How do they not understand that wages don’t go up with prices raises. They won’t have a customer base at this rate.

    • Pokpok

      Over $10 a year? Sure.

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  • Liquid Snake

    Switch to PC for this reason. Goodbye consoles

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