Moto X Play receives Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update in Canada

Ian Hardy

March 22, 2016 8:13pm

Quick update for Moto X Play owners in Canada as your device has been updated Android 6.0.1.

This update brings the March Android security patches and also the new emoji pack to your messages — specifically the glorious tacos, burritos and rare unicorn. In addition, Moto X Play owners can now use the power button to launch the camera and this Marshmallow update brings unknown ‘stability improvements’ and various bug fixes.

marshmallow moto x play

The update should already be available on the Moto X Play. In order to check for it manually, navigate to Menu > Settings > About Device > Software Update > Update.

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(Thanks, Mike!)

  • Comrade Yeti

    Two M updates to the X Play and none for Samsung. Way to go Moto! Step it up Samsung.

    • thereasoner

      My wife has this phone and while it’s a great bang for your buck type of device it can’t hold a camera to my Galaxy S6 in either features or performance.

      As for the update itself, people often forget that many of Androids new features over the years have come from Samsung TouchWiz, Samsung frankly is ahead of Google/Nexus in many ways as far as updated features go. That said, I was looking forward to both the new look UI and the Google Now on Tap feature introduced in Marshmallow but as it turns out Samsung has already made the UI available in the theme store and Now on Tap is just a work in progress according to friends with Nexus devices.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Samsung fanboy much?

    • thereasoner

      Not really, I buy them all and to date I’ve never bought from the same manufacturer twice in a row. I like trying new stuff and getting new experiences, that said, I don’t buy Apple anymore and I haven’t for some time. It’s not because I don’t think that they make decent products, I just can’t stand the DBs that run that company or their corrupt business practices!

    • Mike Nguyen

      I agree with you on Google is catching up to the features that were already on phones such as Samsung, LG or even iOS. However, features additions such as doze or app permissions were never on Samsung devices which are now available to marshmallow users and iOS had a something similar to doze because they always had crazy standby times. The new android N version will have additional features. I think it’s great these flagship features added and becoming standard equipment.

      I’m not a fan boy. Just a techy lol.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, it’s very much a 2 way street when it comes to added features but to listen to some people talk it always Samsung that is behind when in reality it goes both ways.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Fair enough

  • Mike Nguyen

    Sweet, just got the update! I love em Emoji!

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  • Joel Hoekstra

    Is anyone else having issues after this update? The power button doesn’t always want to wake the screen up. I sometimes have to hit it 4 times. A reset of the phone will fix it for about an hour and then it acts up again

    • Ron

      Not yet, just updated last night.

    • Mike Nguyen

      Made the update then cleared the cache through stock recovery. Accessing the camera by double clicking the power button works on any screen (doesn’t have to be off). No issues yet.

    • Bryan Hamon

      Yup having that issue. Very annoying when wanting to wake the phone quickly. I haven’t tried clearing the cache yet but I’m currently searching for a solution

    • Joel Hoekstra

      Man that sucks, however I’m sort of glad it’s not just me. Please let me know if you figure anything out.

      I tried disabling the double tap to camera feature (it’s under the display settings) but it didn’t help either.

      I also get periods where it’s working fine and then an hour later it’s bad again. Very frustrating.

      I’ve also noticed a slight hit to battery life…

    • Bryan Hamon

      So far what I noticed is that it’s caused by an app. When running antennapod I get the issue waking up the phone. When it’s not running everything is fine. I haven’t logged a bug yet but it’s possible that something the running app is doing is causing it. Maybe related to lock screen widgets.

    • Joel Hoekstra

      I also noticed it linked to my podcast app. Pocketcasts…

      However that lead me to thinking it’s related to Bluetooth since that’s how I listen to everything. So far, turning Bluetooth off has seemed to fix it…at least for now.

    • Bryan Hamon

      I’ll try thr Bluetooth, not that I listen that way but because of my pebble watch

    • Joel Hoekstra

      I think your onto something there. It seems to be whenever I have audio controls on the lock screen. If I swipe the controls away the phone seems to operate fine…

    • Joel Hoekstra

      Just cleared the cache and it worked for only 5 minutes or so. Back to quadruple tapping the power button before it wakes up.

    • Joel Hoekstra

      Also did a factory reset and it seemed fine for about 12 hours. Now it’s back. One tap turns the backlight on but nothing else, next tap turns it back off and then the 3rd wakes it up like normal….very frustrating

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  • Phan Nguyen Thanh Tri

    I accidentally hit cancel the download, now clicking to software updates said that my phone is up to date ???? anyone knows how to fix it ?

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  • Ron

    Here in September still ok. Some apps laggy, but no power button issues. I suppose in a couple of years I’ll get tired of this phone but I liked keeping my grandfathered plan by buying this outright. Camera good, battery still very good but NOT a two-day battery.