Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline is now on by default for all users

Ian Hardy

March 17, 2016 12:03pm

In February, Twitter made a significant change to its timeline. Instead of displaying tweets in reverse chronological order, the company’s first-party app gave users the option to use a new algorithmic timeline. Using a person’s usage data, the new timeline would show the user “the best tweets first”. Twitter said it added this feature because its data showed users were missing out on important tweets that were buried in their timelines.

Previously, the algorithmic timeline was something users could opt into. As of today, however, the option is on by default for all users.

Thankfully, if this new algorithmic timeline isn’t something you’re into, you can disable it. To do so, navigate to the app’s setting menu, tap on “Timeline” and then uncheck the option “Show me the best Tweets first”. This works whether you’re on iOS or Android.

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According to the company’s latest stats, Twitter has over 320 million users worldwide. In Canada 35 to 40 percent of online Canadians log onto the platform at least once a month.

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  • Theros

    Ugh. If you opted out previously, you now need to opt out again. They have overwritten your settings if you disabled it previously.

  • gommer strike

    And that’s why many of us use Tweetbot.

  • Mutnat

    How does this apply to 3rd party apps (I use Fenix on Android)?