Profile of Tim Cook talks up iWatch, reveals ‘processes are essentially unchanged’ from when Jobs led Apple

Ian Hardy

June 15, 2014 7:17am

A report in the New York Times gives new insight into the current state of Apple and its CEO. The profile of Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive for the past three years since Steve Jobs passed away, discusses his leadership style and approach to design. Cook is apparently “intensely private” and the article is a profile of him, not an interview. However, Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, did give some choice quotes about the company and working with Cook.

Ive noted that under Cook’s leadership, Apple’s “processes are essentially unchanged” and that innovation is still a central mission. “Honestly, I don’t think anything’s changed,” Ive said about the excitement inside Cupertino. “People felt exactly the same way when we were working on the iPhone.”

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The article did talk about product sales, specifically iPhone and iPad, and how analysts believe that Apple cannot keep up with its staggering numbers unless a magical new idea is born. The rumoured “iWatch” was discussed and is apparently in the Apple pipeline. Cook is reportedly not involved in the day-to-day engineering and design of its launch, something that Jobs would have been a fanatic about, but “has instead delegated those duties to members of his executive cabinet, including Mr. Ive.” The iWatch is expected to be released sometime in Q4 — rumours hint at a release in October. Additional details of the Apple smartwatch suggests that the device will monitor heart rate and other vital measures, something that will connect Apple’s new HealthKit.

Cook is taking Apple into a new direction, one that is deeply interested in “advancing humanity.” During a recent shareholder meeting there was a question surrounding why people should invest in the company, Cook stated that “We do things because they’re just and right… If you want me to make decisions that have a clear R.O.I., then you should get out of the stock, just to be plain and simple.”

Apple is expected to unveil a number of new products by the end of 2014, which includes larger iPhones, new iPads, new Apple TV and retina MacBook Airs.

Source: NYT

  • Thr1ve

    “We do things because they’re just and right”

    Hahahaha! Now THAT’s hilarious!

    • Nexzen

      What are your expectations

  • 5Gs

    Tim Crook!

  • jackjiarocks

    You are wearing it wrong

  • mrh192

    In all honesty, I’d rather have a company like Apple take their time to make a wearable actually worth using, opposed to have a certain other company spam the market with products that they know are crap.

    • WatDah

      Absolutely. That’s how it used to be, and how it’s supposed to be. This imaginary race of “let’s see who makes it first” between other companies is, quite frankly, pointless. Take a look, Apple is still taking their time, they still have the same audience, they still are making billions, they still are the company others are trying to beat. It’s sad that people have so much hate, really. Especially when most new features on new phones are all there because they heard rumors that Apple will have something of the sort, and other companies rush a product with something similar just so they can say they did it first. Then when Apple actually does come out with a feature or product of the like, others points their fingers and say Apple suck, they copied, and they are running out of innovation. Sad.

    • Level380

      Apples takes their time as they like to watch the market and see what is working and what isn’t. They then come in with a refined version of what’s working and claim they invented it!

      IOS 8 borrowing all those features from Android is an example of this. 😉

    • WatDah

      Which iOS 8 feature that is new that they claimed they invented?

  • qq fish

    Without the visionary, Apple will go only down hill. You can’t have a Pepsi Guy running the empire. Ivy should lead. And prepare Jobs son to mature and take over. Samsung are pumping new products every 2 minutes. Other competition are leading the innovation right now. Same old apple are no longer able to wow the customers.

  • J-Ro

    Share holders will do what they do best and drive Apple into the ground. A larger iPhone to compete with Samsung and others. Anyone know of a similar company that is down on their look for following others too far down the rabbit hole? Apple needs to stick to what it does best or end up a has been.